Alena Bieling

Non-discrimination 15-03-2022

Persons with disabilities in Ukraine face a ‘crisis within a crisis’

Civil society calls on the EU, national governments and humanitarian organisations to step up efforts to protect Ukraine's 2.7 million persons with disabilities who risk abandonment, death or a lack of shelter amid Russia's invasion
Politics 27-12-2021

Equality bodies need more support to help all victims of discrimination

Equality bodies in Belgium are effective agents of change and have supported many people; yet, discrimination victims struggle to access consistent support due to limited capacities and the lack of a proper regulatory framework.
Non-discrimination 23-11-2021

Experts call for enhanced efforts to mainstream equality

Member states must take more concrete and legally binding steps to ensure equality in public and private institutions, and policy-making, according to experts at the recent Conference on Promoting Equality Mainstreaming on Friday 19 November.
Non-discrimination 16-11-2021

EU has more work to do for human rights and tolerance

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights is still lacking visibility and use, especially within the EU member states, according to Michael O'Flaherty, director of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), who addressed EU lawmakers on Monday (15 November).
Non-discrimination 13-10-2021

EU anti-racism action plan aligns well with UN report on racial justice

The EU Anti-racism Action Plan dovetails with the United Nations’ report on racial justice, according to experts. Yet, what is still needed is an integrated approach on how to put them into practice without national governments evading accountability.
Non-discrimination 08-10-2021

Discrimination in Europe remains present, but under-reported

Discrimination based on ethnic origin remains a problem across Europe, and even more so as many people are not aware of how widespread it is, a recent study conducted by Young European Federalists (JEF) in three EU countries has shown