Alexandra Brzozowski

Elections 13-01-2021

The Brief – Of German vaccines and dark horses

Germany's Christian Democrats are set to elect their new leader among the three candidates vying for top post this weekend. But the winner might not necessarily go on to become the party's designated candidate to run for the chancellorship in this year’s general election.
Politics 11-12-2020

The Brief, powered by Facebook – Veto power, used and abused

Europe’s surly teenager – the UK – may have left the club only to be replaced by the new enfants terribles of the EU – Poland and Hungary. But like it or not, the two Visegrad states were protecting their national interests.

The Brief – Europe’s terror redux

Five years have passed since the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris killed 130 people, but many attacks have followed since then, including those in Nice and Vienna in the past month. Even in the midst of a pandemic, Europe, it...

The Brief, powered by Martens Centre – Europe’s little Trumps

Faced with rather chaotic and thriller-like proceedings in the US presidential election night, most of Europe practised radio silence. All, except one leader. Incumbent President Donald Trump brazenly declared victory on Wednesday morning although results in several states are yet...
Global Europe 28-10-2020

The Brief, powered by ENTSO-E – What if Trump refuses to concede?

It's less than a week until the 'most important ballot in the world' and Europe is bracing itself for the possibility of a contested US presidential election. What if Biden wins and Trump refuses to concede? But don't hold your breath - the final result may take days, or weeks.

The Brief, powered by ECPC – Disruptor in chief

In the past year, NATO member has been spending more money on defence again, after several rebukes from Washington. But not enough to please the current occupant of the White House. Just ahead of the autumn NATO defence ministers meeting,...
Coronavirus 14-10-2020

The Brief, powered by logos – Back to square one?

The COVID-19 crisis is back at full speed, with a steady stream of incoming news about new risk areas and regions, new quarantine measures and curfews. We’ve been there, done that, but is there anything new in all of this?...
Future EU 07-10-2020

The Brief, powered by CEN-CENELEC – We’re struggling too

Like so many institutions these days, the European Commission has taken its press conferences entirely online. While understanding the challenges this creates, we cannot help feeling that press relations seem to have generally started going downhill.

The Brief – Rule of law proxy war

The European Commission's rule of law assessment could increase the drive to tie the distribution of EU funds with adherence to rule of law. Yet under the surface of that discussion, a sinister storm is brewing that could threaten the EU's coronavirus recovery hopes.
Global Europe 29-09-2020

The Brief – The Art of the Debate

Tonight, US President Donald Trump and his Democratic contender Joe Biden will face off for the first time, 35 days ahead of the US presidential election. They will not get a second chance to make a first impression. Presidential debates...
Global Europe 22-09-2020

The Brief, powered by ESA – Europe’s next Pandora’s Box

Deep divisions have long been threatening to turn the EU’s foreign policy into a toothless tiger. Nevertheless, abolishing the principle of unanimity is not necessarily the solution. With 27 players in one room, of course there are divisions, stemming from...

The Brief, powered by Eurogas – What is the EU waiting for?

The European Commission’s long-awaited new migration pact for the EU will finally be presented next week, after having been postponed again and again. What has the EU been waiting for?
Global Europe 07-09-2020

The Brief, powered by amfori – Macron’s Russia syndrome

Reaching out to Russia will make Europe less dependent on the US and turn it into a more assertive, autonomous foreign policy actor. At least that seems to be French President Emmanuel Macron's thinking. But this stance is becoming increasingly problematic for Europe and has started to erode France's own credibility.
Future EU 01-09-2020

The Brief – Why can’t we vote?

By law, EU nationals living abroad are entitled to vote and run in European and local elections in the member state where they are living. So why is that the 14 million European citizens living in an EU country other than their own report so many difficulties in using their voting rights?
Europe's East 28-08-2020

The Brief – Once bitten, but the EU need not be shy in Minsk

The election fraud and crackdown on the protests in Belarus called for a firm response from the EU. However...
Global Europe 25-08-2020

The Brief – The EU faces ‘brain death’ over Turkey

Turkey has long been the 'hot potato' of EU foreign policy, but these days, it is rapidly turning into a really serious problem that cannot be swept under the carpet.
Coronavirus 24-07-2020

The Brief – Breaking (for) summer

This summer will be different. Travelling in the time of COVID-19 is not a pleasure, even inside Europe, and especially if you live in the EU and want to go to another continent. Intercontinental travel has almost completely stopped, only...
Global Europe 09-07-2020

The Brief, powered by BSEF – A ‘forgotten’ conflict

Yemen, one of the poorest countries in the Arab world, whose collapsed health system is unable to cope with COVID-19, has been devastated by civil war, with no end in sight. But contrary to the wars in Syria and Libya,...
Future EU 01-07-2020

The Brief – Revive the Weimar Triangle, or kill it

With Germany taking the helm of the EU Council, there is a unique opportunity to revive the cooperation format between Berlin, Paris and Warsaw.

The Brief – Oops, he did it again…

Yes, French President Emmanuel Macron appears to have an idée fixe concerning the medical condition of NATO. In late 2019, Macron’s comments on the “brain death” of the alliance came as a shock, and possibly a welcome wake-up call. But...
Global Europe 15-06-2020

The Brief – A marriage with strings attached

The US and Europe are like an old married couple: the kids have left the house, there is still some love left and divorce is out of the question, but deep-down, some fundamental issues need to be sorted out for...