Alina Bargaoanu

Future EU 27-05-2021

A moment of truth for European political parties

European political parties are largely ignored but they have vast untapped potential to play a major role in EU decision making and in giving the EU more democratic legitimacy, argue Alina Bârgăoanu and Dan Luca.
Eastern Europe 15-04-2020

Global conspiracies, local panics

The COVID-19 pandemic, disrupting societies, economies, families and persons alike, is compounded by a global contagion of rumours, conspiracies, fake news and other deadly narratives that, despite their appearance of being tailored to fit local characteristics, are strikingly similar at a transnational level, writes Alina Bargaoanu.
Elections 25-01-2016

Funding the 2019 European primary elections

The collapse of Euro-enthusiasm, in parallel with increased Euroscepticism, has underlined the need for the "democratisation" of European elections and for an increase in the legitimacy of the European institutions and their leaders, write Dan Luca and Alina Bârg?oanu.
Europe's East 19-11-2015

East-West divide: Geography should not divide us

A new European split has surfaced in the context of the refugee crisis – the East-West divide. Yet, the tragic events in Paris should remind us that we share common interests and aspirations, writes Alina Bârg?oanu.
Brexit 27-10-2015

‘Enthusiasm gap’ could make difference in Brexit referendum

For Romania and the rest of Eastern Europe, a Brexit would be extremely damaging. But as long as the 'Remain' campaign lacks enthusiasm, this is a real threat, writes Alina Bârg?oanu.