Aline Robert with Alexandra Brzozowski

Politics 03-12-2018

The Brief – A ‘yellow vest’ fake news paradise

I live in the centre of Paris so you might think that my weekend was full of danger, fire and fear. That is what my friends and family living far away saw on TV and Facebook, so I had a few worried calls and messages. But let me tell you the truth: it was no war scene.
Politics 05-10-2018

Trans-Europe Express – Is there anybody down there?

Hello Portugal? Italy? Spain? Bulgaria? Croatia? Romania? Slovenia? Greece? Or even... France? Does anyone down there even care about European politics?
Politics 07-09-2018

TEE, powered by the European Parliament – War is on between pro-Europeans, anti-migrations

“Where is the French right going?” LR deputy Maël de Calan asks in the book "The populist temptation", released on 30 August. Inside French right-wing party Les Republicains, the stance of its leader raises questions and doubts.
Future EU 02-07-2018

The Brief – Macron’s faltering European dreams

Macron’s European dream ran into a wall of national politics at last week's EU summit. A swing to the right of the European agenda appeared to trump the in-depth economic reforms championed by the French president. reports.
Politics 20-04-2018

Trans-Europe Express – Macron: A hero yet to prove his mettle

A strange and boring lunch, hosted by Antonio Tajani, took place on the 7th floor of the European Parliament on Tuesday (17 April), when Emmanuel Macron came to Strasbourg to charm MEPs with his visions of Europe.
Politics 08-03-2018

The Brief – Not so soft power

Abuse of power is as old as humanity itself: denying the others’ rights helped Homo Sapiens push aside the Neanderthals.