Angela Lamboglia

Agrifood 16-03-2016

EU approves duty-free Tunisian olive oil imports

The European Parliament has agreed to waive taxes on olive oil imports from Tunisia to the EU, in a bid to boost the country’s economy. The move has prompted anger from Italian MEPs. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Agrifood 02-03-2016

Rome sets sights on complete revision of nitrates legislation

Following the European Commission's termination of an infringement procedure against the member state, Italy has updated its rules relating to the use of animal waste in agriculture and still retains hopes of amending the EU's Nitrates Directive. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Trade & Society 22-02-2016

Italian beach operators wait on ECJ ruling

European legislation on the single market for services continues to haunt beachside operators, who fear increased competition and a loss of investment. A forthcoming ECJ ruling could prove to be significant. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Agrifood 18-02-2016

Rip-off Italian products can ‘no longer be tolerated’

An Italian MEP has urged the European Commission to crack down on ‘Italian sounding’ products that pose a threat to his country’s valuable artisanal food industry. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Agrifood 16-02-2016

Italy demands EU protection for tomatoes

On top of an increase in imports of Tunisian olive oil, Italy is also worried about competition from Moroccan tomato growers. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Agrifood 10-02-2016

ComAgri wants Commission olive oil plan changes

The European Commission's proposal to allow the sale of 35,000 tons of duty-free Tunisian olive oil in 2016 and 2017 has once again come under fire. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Central Europe 13-01-2016

Cologne assaults reverberate across Europe

The attacks carried out against women, in Cologne on New Year's Eve, are still reverberating across Europe, auguring for more resentment against immigrants, and eroding the remnants of multicultural attitudes. The EURACTIV network reports.
Med & South 11-12-2015

More infringement procedures for Italy

Two new infringement procedures have been opened against Italy by the European Commission, which has also taken further action in three cases that are already active. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Agrifood 04-12-2015

Italians press Commission to drop Tunisian duty-free olive oil import plan

Italian politicians have submitted a proposal that would limit the amount of duty-free Tunisian olive oil imported into Europe, saying the plan comes at the worse possible moment for Italian growers. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Agrifood 17-11-2015

Italy opens door for farmers to replant lost olive trees

The Italian Ministry of Agriculture is working on allowing the replanting of olive trees, up to now prohibited because of the virulent Xylella bacterium. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Agrifood 19-10-2015

Italian olive growers gain reprieve from regional court

The destruction of olive trees in Puglia has been temporarily halted on the orders of a regional court, pending further tests on the disease affecting them. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Agrifood 01-10-2015

Parmesan remains on the menu

The Italian government has no intention of repealing a law that prohibits the use of powdered milk in the production of dairy products. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Agrifood 25-09-2015

De Castro: CAP reform not set in stone, can be changed

SPECIAL REPORT / The looming threat of a cut to the EU agriculture budget has prevented the Parliament to fight for a full-fledged CAP reform, but all is not lost as it can be changed through the mid-term review, said Paolo de Castro, Italy's former Minister of Agriculture. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Agrifood 07-09-2015

Italian grapevines not affected by Xylella strain

Grapevines could now be removed from the list of plants that are subject to movement restrictions. EURACTIV Italy reports.
Agrifood 04-09-2015

Agriculture MEPs vote to safeguard GM food and feed imports

The European Parliament's Agriculture Committee has added to the confusion surrounding GM crops in Europe by recommending rejection of a proposal that would allow member states to limit or ban imports of genetically modified food and feed. EURACTIV Italy reports.

Many EU countries say “no” to immigration quotas

The European Commission has submitted a proposal to find a fairer way to admit and distribute asylum seekers in the EU. But it’s up to the member states to decide, and many don’t accept the proposed distribution of migrants. The EURACTIV network reports.