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Poor air quality causes 400,000 deaths worldwide every year.

Researchers link air pollution to heart diseases

Responsible for 400,000 deaths each year globally, air pollution has yet to be sufficiently addressed by the world's governments, researchers have warned. EURACTIV France reports.
Economy & Jobs 19-12-2014

Confidence in the EU on the rise

Citizens' confidence in the European Union has grown since the European elections in May 2014. The uncertain economic situation and immigration are among the main issues still causing concern for the electorate. EURACTIV France reports

Le Pen launches ‘patriotic’ environmental movement

Marine Le Pen's National Front has launched the "New Ecology" movement. The French nationalist party's take on environmental activism will include opposing international climate negotiations and promoting nuclear energy. EURACTIV France reports
Global Europe 16-12-2014

Malmström pushes TTIP in Paris

The new European Commissioner for Trade defended the transatlantic trade negotiations in Paris this week, emphasising the benefits an agreement could bring to French exports and economic growth. EURACTIV France reports

French government think tank calls for EU social reform

The French government think tank France Stratégie has called for social issues such as a common European unemployment insurance, investment and a standardised minimum wage to be tackled at the European level. EURACTIV France reports
Agrifood 12-12-2014

Organic sector disappointed by Commission proposal

The European Commission's latest plans to reform the production and labelling of organic produce, presented in March, have met with harsh criticism from the French organic sector, which says it fails to respond to the real issues. EURACTIV France reports
Energy 11-12-2014

France appeals to Juncker plan for energy efficiency renovation funding

The French government has applied for funding from the European Commission's 315 billion euro investment plan to help launch its energy transition programme. EURACTIV France reports
Europe's East 05-12-2014

National Front’s Russian loans cause uproar in European Parliament

The French National Front has stirred controversy both in France and in the European Parliament for taking significant loans from a Russian bank. The affair reveals Marine Le Pen's willingness to cosy up to Russia, a country she sees as a model to be emulated. EURACTIV France reports.

OECD condemns big business bribery

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has examined 427 cases of foreign bribery since 1999. In Europe, Germany appears to be the worst affected. EURACTIV France reports

French government and plastics lobby clash over Bisphenol A

The French government wants to ban the use of the chemical bisphenol A in plastic packaging in 2015. The plastics industry has responded by saying the government is being "unrealistic" about the challenges this change will produce. EURACTIV France reports
Health 01-12-2014

Study recommends systematic prescription of statins to the elderly

American researchers believe that 97% of people over the age of 66 should regularly take statins to reduce their risk of heart disease. But there is still no consensus within the medical community on the benefits of the drugs. EURACTIV France reports
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Trade & Society 28-11-2014

Commission defends TTIP’s Dispute Settlement mechanism

The Investor State Dispute Settlement mechanism would help to standardise the level of protection for businesses across the EU’s member states, according to the European Commission. EURACTIV France reports.