Beatrice Denis

Climate change 13-10-2014

Regions, cities demand more ambitious climate goals

On Thursday, (9 October), members of the Committee of Regions and Covenant of Mayors urged the EU Commission to purse bolder, binding 2030 climate targets, and highlighted the role of greater cooperation at the local level, in order to insure greater security of supply, especially in Eastern Europe.

Socially responsible investors in EU adopt active role

Strategies aimed at directly impacting society are becoming more popular among European investors focused on green and social investing, according to a Eurosif report.
Energy 08-10-2014

IEA: Energy savings outpacing fuel consumption

Energy efficiency gains are surpassing fuel consumption in some countries, according to a report released today (8 October) by the International Energy Agency (IEA)

New chemicals added to SIN List

Green chemicals NGO Chemsec included nearly 30 new chemicals on a list of harmful substances that the EU should regulate in order to curb health risks and water contamination.

NGOs: Rules on national emission ceilings are under threat

Flexibilities in emissions ceilings set for individual member states put EU air quality ambitions at risk, according to green NGOs.

Transparency urgently needed in impact assessments

Industry and green campaigners distrust the Commission and the data it uses to evaluate the impact of policy options. They request full access to the data in future impact assessments, according to consultation documents seen by EURACTIV.
Transport 02-10-2014

Eurostat: intermodal freight at a standstill

EU initiatives to better integrate and improve connectivity between road, rail and waterways have failed to yield any significant results, according to the latest Eurostat data on freight transport.
Agrifood 30-09-2014

We won’t drop food and safety standards for TTIP, Andriukaitis tells MEPs

Vytenis Andriukaitis, Commissioner-designate for Health and Food Safety, told MEPs today (30 September) during his confirmation hearing that the EU would not lower its safety standards as result of negotiations over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
Karmenu Vella under scrutiny at the European Parliament [Photo: European Parliament / Flickr]

Vella elusive on fisheries and environmental policy

Karmenu Vella, the Maltese Commissioner-designate for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, failed to impress a sceptical audience during a European Parliament confirmation hearing yesterday (29 September).
Transport 26-09-2014

Proposal on pollution controls for non-road machinery is out

Stakeholders stick to their guns upon reviewing the Commission’s proposal to curb pollution from agricultural and road construction machinery.
Transport 26-09-2014

Clear skies for aviation industry, turbulence ahead for EU airlines

The business outlook for civil aviation is looking bright thanks mainly to rising Asian demand for aircraft. But airlines are expected to have a harder time, with tougher competition in Europe leading to a consolidation of the sector, according to the latest industry forecast.
coal consuming china
Energy 23-09-2014

China emits more CO2 per person than the EU

In 2013, China’s per capita CO2 emissions surpassed Europe’s for the first time ever. In addition, China represented nearly 60% of last year’s total global emissions increase. As a result, the longterm goal of limiting global warming to 2 degrees appears increasingly elusive, warns a Global Carbon Project (GCP) report published on 21 September.
wind turbine in South Africa
Energy 22-09-2014

Climate finance on the rocks?

Climate finance is still going strong globally, but serious efforts are needed, including at the regulatory level, to sustain the momentum ahead of the UN Climate Summit.
A combine harvester at work

Air pollution rules for ‘non-road mobile machinery’

Noxious emissions from everyday cars and trucks have long been regulated at European level. But the European Commission believes pollution from so-called non-road mobile machinery – which includes everything from bulldozers to chainsaws – is a problem and is proposing new emission limits on them.
Energy 10-09-2014

Heavy industries renew calls for ‘carbon leakage’ protection

Raising the EU's emission targets for 2030 would threaten industrial competitiveness if they are not accompanied by supporting measures, according to the chemical industry and other energy-intensive sectors, which stepped up their campaign for protective measures in Brussels on Tuesday (9 September).
Energy 09-09-2014

2030 energy package: battle of the leaks

Successive and contradictory leaks about Council conclusions on 2030 energy targets are being met with caution by both industry and environment advocates.