Beatriz Rios with Alexandra Brzozowski

EU Elections 2019 23-04-2019

The Brief – Europe, the big absent in Spanish election debate

Spain is heading for general elections on Sunday (28 April). In the first electoral debate ahead of the vote, barely a month before the crucial EU-wide elections, none of the main candidates made a single mention of the EU.
Future EU 08-03-2019

The Brief, powered by EUROBAT – Thank a feminist

The European Union, like most other institutions in the world, remains largely led by men. On International Women’s Rights Day, we remember the founding mothers of the institution.
Brexit 04-03-2019

The Brief, powered by EUROBAT – What’s at stake with Brexit

Nigel Farage, the most prominent advocate of Brexit, is calling on Brits to march from Sunderland to London and demand that Prime Minister Theresa May deliver on the UK's withdrawal from the EU.
EU Elections 2019 11-02-2019

The Brief – Before it is too late

Spanish centre-right and far-right parties joined forces on Sunday (10 February) in a demonstration aimed to force Pedro Sanchez’s socialist government to call an election. The protest was far from successful but what should worry all of us in Europe is...

The Brief – Stop blaming the girls, start educating boys

In October 2018, a dozen women started to come forward and tell stories about sexual harassment and abuse at the heart of Europe’s democracy.

The Brief – A budgetary Christmas fairy tale

Once upon a time, there was a coalition government in Italy that all in Europe looked upon with concern, as they were making choices that broke the rules of stability of the magic currency some of them shared.
Politics 14-09-2018

Trans-Europe Express – The True State of the Union

A victorious post-bailout Alexis Tsipras, a defiant Viktor Orbán backed by far-right colleagues and an exhausted Jean-Claude Juncker. This week’s EP plenary showed, even more than Juncker’s tired annual address, what the actual state of the Union is and the contradictions Europe is facing.
Politics 01-06-2018

Trans-Europe Express – Nothing quiet on the Western front

It was another exciting week in Strasbourg. Not only did MEPs from across the political spectrum race to show righteous anger at Donald Trump, the president of new protectionism, but they saw the fall (and rise) of two EU governments in the space of a few days.