Benjamin Fox with Alexandra Brzozowski

Brexit 30-08-2018

The Brief – May’s merry-go-round

Theresa May’s whistle-stop tour of three African capitals this week offered an insight into the UK’s post-Brexit trade priorities, but also hinted at the changing power dynamic in world trade.
Politics 22-06-2018

Two years on: a referendum redux

The Brexit poll was billed by David Cameron as the once-in-a-generation opportunity to resolve Britain’s tortured relationship with the EU. It hasn’t worked out that way. Instead, it appears to have condemned Britain to a tortured conversation with itself.

The Brief – Side-stepping the migration issue

No one can say that the EU and its leaders are not exorcised by migration. Its next seven-year budget is expected to include a plethora of new tools, including a “migration management window”. An investment fund for African countries has been set up to “tackle the root causes of migration”.
Global Europe 15-06-2018

The Brief – An unhealthy obsession

Like the Olympics, the World Cup is one of life’s great distractions. Its enduring popularity ensures that it is also an obsession for politicians. Argentina’s military junta was so desperate to win the competition it hosted in 1978, that it...
Brexit 12-06-2018

The Brief – Theresa the survivor

‘Better to be lucky than good’ is one of the truisms in politics, even if the line itself came from the mouth of a baseball player with the New York Yankees. Theresa May may not be lucky, but she is a political survivor.
Brexit 08-06-2018

The Brief, powered by Yara – Boris & co run out of time

Westminster is aflutter with talk of resignations and betrayal after 24 hours in which the fragile unity of the UK government shattered like a cheap vase.
Politics 24-05-2018

The Brief, powered by Yara – A Brexit plague on all your houses

As the chief EU adviser to David Cameron and then Theresa May, Ivan Rogers has seen the EU and British political class up close and knows where the bodies are buried. And hell hath no fury like a civil servant scorned.
Economy & Jobs 23-05-2018

The Brief, powered by Yara – Who says EU trade officials don’t have a sense of humour?

Canada aside, Australia and New Zealand have been among the most enthusiastic about inking trade deals with the UK after it leaves the EU. International Trade minister Liam Fox, and his team, see the Commonwealth countries as ‘low hanging fruit’ when it comes to brokering new trade deals.
Digital 17-05-2018

The Brief – MEPs save Zuckerberg’s face

The European Parliament has a great talent for snatching defeat from the jaws of a PR victory.
EU-China 15-05-2018

The Brief – Weaving the silk road into the 21st century

China’s ‘Belt & Road’ initiative, a network of overland road and rail routes and maritime links meant to transport oil and gas from China to Europe, has been described as a 21st century silk road. But how long can it last?
Politics 26-04-2018

The Brief – Macron alert, Bromance comes with strings attached

Such is Emmanuel Macron’s ‘golden boy’ status that he is the subject of the Brief for two days in a row.
Politics 23-04-2018

The Brief – Pulling up the drawbridge

To most on the Calais side of the Channel, Brexit is a rejection of Europe and Europeans. They can, perhaps, draw a crumb of comfort that it’s not just them who are not welcome.
Politics 19-04-2018

The Brief – Ermine-clad soft-Brexit warriors

The House of Lords, with its ermine clad members, is hard to love. Unelected, the members have an average age of 69. A retirement home for political grandees and business moguls, it makes the House of Commons seem like a beacon of multi-cultural modernity.
Politics 17-04-2018

The Brief – Campaigning in the gutter

Propaganda is as old as language, and political campaigning is a grubby old game. As long as there have been elections, politicians and their advisors have been lying to voters.
Brexit 10-04-2018

The Brief – The long Good Friday

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement – a political deal that put an end to decades of terror and tensions.
Global Europe 05-04-2018

The Brief: You pay to make ‘em stay

The EU’s migration pact with Turkey is one of the few successes in the bloc’s attempts to move together on migration.
Health 28-03-2018

The Brief, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) – The drugs don’t work

Ask someone in the Brussels bubble what the biggest breakthrough in improving global health would be, and they will probably talk about the need for effective vaccines for malaria, HIV/Aids and tuberculosis.
Economy & Jobs 22-03-2018

The Brief – Easy Rider under attack

The iconic Harley-Davidson is the most American of institutions. Incidentally, it is also one of the first targets in a transatlantic trade war.
Brexit 20-03-2018

The Brief – Kicking the (fish) can

Barring any last-minute hitches, this week’s EU summit will not burn much midnight oil, at least where Brexit is concerned.
Elections 16-03-2018

Trans-Europe Express – Smells like teen spirit

Getting young people out to vote has frustrated national politicians across Europe for a generation.
Brexit 13-03-2018

The Brief – Another Groundhog Day

Another day, another Groundhog Day debate on Brexit.
Economy & Jobs 06-03-2018

The Brief, powered by PLATFORMA – Mr Trump, poking each other’s eyes out leads to blindness

In the simplistic world of debate on global commerce, you are either a protectionist or a free trader. In truth, the free trade vs protectionist debate has always been something of a false dichotomy.
Development Policy 27-02-2018

The Brief – No time for navel gazing

These are tough times to work in the development sector. Following the Oxfam sex scandal, several leading NGOs have fired employees and launched their own sexual misconduct probes. The revelations risk tarnishing the reputation of an entire industry.