Benjamin Fox with Sam Morgan

Brexit 17-05-2019

The Brief, powered by ifaw – Boris v Farage to be the British Trump

“Of course I'm going to go for it," said Boris Johnson of the upcoming Conservative leadership race on Thursday. That shouldn’t have surprised anyone. Johnson has been positioning himself for the leadership for years.
Politics 11-03-2019

The Brief – Groundhog May

Here we go again. Once more, the atmosphere around Westminster is febrile and bursting with Brexit-fuelled testosterone: MPs are about to make their decisive move on Brexit.
Politics 24-01-2019

The Brief – Preparing to fail

David Cameron acquired a reputation as ‘an essay crisis prime minister’; through sheer force of will at the eleventh hour he could win an unlikely election or deliver a game-changing speech. It worked at home, but not in Brussels where preparation is everything.
Digital 27-11-2018

The Brief – A loss of Face

Facebook was in the line of fire again today, when parliamentarians from nine countries gathered at the “international grand committee session on fake news” in the UK’s House of Commons.
Politics 20-07-2018

The Brief – No end in sight to Tory wars

British politicians will start their summer holidays next Wednesday (25 July) but the two month recess is unlikely to bring any respite for Prime Minister Theresa May.

The Brief – Who holds the Trump cards at NATO?

Next week’s NATO summit in Brussels could scarcely come at a more difficult time for Europe.
Brexit 04-07-2018

The Brief – A declaration of independence

The US declared independence from the UK 242 years ago today. As the always loquacious Brexiteer Dan Hannan put it in on Twitter: “things worked out OK for them”.

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