Benjamin Fox with Zoran Radosavljevic

Future EU 04-07-2019

The Brief – The costs of a cordon sanitaire

The practice of shutting the far-right out of influential positions in the European Parliament has been around for over a decade. Now it has a name: cordon sanitaire.
EU Elections 2019 20-06-2019

The Brief, powered by ADF International – Fixing for a compromise

The divvying up of the EU’s top jobs is the bun-fest of bun-fests, one of the ultimate collisions of egos and national interests.
Brexit 18-06-2019

The Brief, powered by ADF International – The Union not forever?

Pollsters YouGov have taken time out from examining how voters look at the field of Conservative leadership candidates, to survey the party’s activists and the scale of their commitment to Brexit. The results are striking. By roughly 60-30 margins, Tory members...
Politics 06-06-2019

The Brief – Farage marches on

Days after storming to victory in last month’s European elections, the Brexit party is expecting to elect its first MP on Thursday (6 June), in what is yet another shot in the arm for its smiling leader, Nigel Farage.

The Brief – No roadmaps needed for experienced travellers

Morocco is a tree with its roots in Africa and its branches in Europe. So said the late King Hassan II of Morocco. That partly explains why hosting the UN migration summit in Marrakech, which formally adopted the UN’s contentious...