Benjamin Fox

Non-discrimination 26-07-2021

9 in 10 hate crimes go unreported, EU fundamental rights agency finds

Up to 9 in 10 hate crimes and attacks in the EU still go unreported because victims face difficulty reporting them, do not trust the police and believe that nothing would change if they report it, according to a new study by the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency.
Brexit 23-07-2021

The Brief – It takes EU to tango

As EU officials prepare for their holidays, they have an extra reason to pack their bags faster than usual; to avoid the siren call of British politicians haranguing them to reopen parts of the Brexit settlement. It would be easy,...
Brexit 23-07-2021

Von der Leyen rejects UK bid to reopen Irish protocol

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Thursday (22 July) insisted that the EU would not reopen the controversial Northern Ireland protocol, a key part of the Brexit agreement with the UK, just a day after Boris Johnson’s published a paper setting out its plans to renegotiate it.
Brexit 21-07-2021

UK accuses EU of ‘seeking to undermine’ Gibraltar status

The UK government on Tuesday (20 July) accused the European Union of “seeking to undermine the UK’s sovereignty over Gibraltar”, warning that the bloc’s plans “cannot form a basis for negotiations”.

The Brief – Flattery by imitation

There’s no flattery like imitation, at least when it comes to migration control. Taking their lead from aggressive migration control measures in Denmark and the UK, Lithuania’s parliament last week approved the mass detention of migrants, in a move meant to deter high numbers crossing into the EU from Belarus.
Economy & Jobs 13-07-2021

Assess full effects of technology on work before regulating, warns EU tech lawmaker

EU lawmakers should make sure they see the full effects of technological change on working patterns before they regulate them, as we are likely to see a continued shift towards remote and flexible employment, policymakers said at an event hosted by EURACTIV on the future of work across the bloc.
Health 12-07-2021

The Brief, powered by Greens/EFA – Notti Magiche

After the grand finale, came the mourning after; if you are an England fan, that is.
Health 09-07-2021

The Brief, powered by UNESDA – Dreams of summer

After four weeks of a European Championship that started with the horror and near tragedy of Danish star Christian Eriksen’s collapse on the pitch, football’s coming home. Or to Rome.
Global Europe 09-07-2021

Wanted: European re–engagement with southern neighbourhood

Ten years after the Arab Spring, a disjointed European policy approach to the region has resulted in the bloc losing influence in the countries in its southern neighbourhood.
Brexit 09-07-2021

UK will set out plans to overhaul Irish protocol in weeks, say ministers

The UK plans to publish new plans aimed at overhauling the Northern Ireland Protocol later this month, ministers said on Thursday (8 July).

NGOs slam UK plans to copy Danish offshore asylum centres

UK plans to follow the lead of Denmark in seeking to establish offshore asylum processing centres have been met with swift condemnation from civil society groups and lawyers who argue that it would breach the country’s international obligations on refugees.
Coronavirus 06-07-2021

The Brief, powered by UNESDA – Choosing freedom with courtesy

The idea of wearing face masks on public transport used to be anathema. The small number of people who did wear masks on the metro, at least in the UK, got odd looks, as though they were being insulting by refusing to share the same air as us.
Politics 02-07-2021

The Brief, powered by ESA – The Merkelian pragmatism

The paradox of Angela Merkel is that while it is hard to imagine the last twenty years of European politics without her, it is equally tough to think of her legacy as anything other than a manager.
Non-discrimination 30-06-2021

Pandemic takes toll on refugees’ school access

The difficulties facing refugee children in accessing education across the EU have been accentuated by the COVID–19 pandemic, according to new data, which painted a bleak picture of poor attendance and high drop-out rates.
Non-discrimination 30-06-2021

Counting the cost of low teacher diversity

EU leaders agreed at a 2009 summit that they were committed to “attracting and retaining the best teachers in underperforming schools, strengthen leadership, increase the number of teachers with a migrant background”. But little progress appears to have been made.

The Brief, powered by ESA – Contracting out asylum

With the EU’s latest plans for a pact on migration and asylum making little more progress than their predecessors, member states are taking matters into their own hands and not just the usual suspects.
Non-discrimination 29-06-2021

UK reports on discrimination in schools open up debate on deprivation

The question of whether the UK’s education systems discriminate against ethnic minorities has become highly politically charged and divisive, reflecting tensions that exist across much of the European Union.
Non-discrimination 28-06-2021

EU faces challenge of closing Roma education divide

Increasing the number of Roma children in early childhood education by at least half, is at the heart of a ten year plan on Roma equality, inclusion and participation across the EU, announced by the European Commission in March.
Non-discrimination 27-06-2021

EU race relations bill lacks teeth, twenty years on

Twenty years ago this week, the EU adopted its landmark Racial Equality Directive aimed at prohibiting discrimination based on race or ethnic origin. Yet critics of the directive say that it lacks teeth, with little pressure on national authorities to enforce and police its implementation, and no requirement for national action plans.
Global Europe 26-06-2021

EU relations in north Africa hampered by migration tensions

The EU’s role and political influence in North Africa has been hampered by economic and security policy priorities being trumped by the bloc’s desire to control migration flows.
Economy & Jobs 25-06-2021

Pandemic ‘pressure cooker’ has accelerated changes at work

The Covid–19 pandemic has created a “pressure cooker” that has accelerated the process of changes at work and challenged concepts of social protection, EU officials and stakeholders said at a recent event hosted by EURACTIV.
Brexit 25-06-2021

The Brief, powered by Martens Centre – Five years

Lest we forget, five years ago this week the UK voted to leave the EU. It seems like a world away, yet it is striking how little has changed.

UK will not extend settlement scheme deadline for EU nationals

EU nationals living in the UK have a week until a 30 June deadline to apply for settled status, after officials confirmed that the cut-off date would not be extended.
Brexit 22-06-2021

The Brief, powered by Martens Centre – Not so settled status

Whether or not the UK government and EU counterparts care to admit it, living abroad has become more complicated in the age of no more free movement.