Benjamin Fox

Global Europe 28-01-2022

The Brief — Wanted: A grown–up debate on migration

Stop the press; migration from the Middle East and North Africa into Europe is not going to end.
EU-Africa 28-01-2022

EU needs to make African offer on legal migration, says Greek PM

The EU needs to look at offering African states a new regime of organised legal migration routes, alongside cooperation between both sides on security and border control management, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Thursday (27 January).
EU-Africa 27-01-2022

Sahel ministers cancel joint EU talks amid growing chaos

Ministers from Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger cancelled joint talks with the EU at the last minute on Wednesday, in favour of bilateral meetings with the bloc’s chief diplomat Josep Borrell.
EU-Africa 26-01-2022

EU and African leaders seek to rebuild fragile trust ahead of summit

Migration, climate change mitigation and the fallout from the Covid pandemic are set to be the main bones of contention at the upcoming EU–African Union summit in Brussels, insiders to the talks have told EURACTIV.
Global Europe 25-01-2022

EU reports ‘positive signs’ in Libya despite poll delay

The EU will continue to train the Libyan coastguard to control migration and border security, and sees ‘some positive signs’ despite the postponement of elections in the war torn North African state last month.
Economy & Jobs 21-01-2022

The Brief — Inflation blues

With the pandemic raging around us and hefty price rises hitting Europeans in their pocketbooks, anyone immune from the January blues should be instructed to share their secret with the rest of us.
EU-Africa 21-01-2022

Africa must not be targeted by EU carbon levy, warns Senegal’s president

The EU needs to ensure that African states do not bear the brunt of its carbon border levy at next month’s EU–African Union summit in Brussels, Senegal’s President has warned EU leaders.
Brexit 20-01-2022

EU and UK set end February deadline for NI protocol deal

EU and UK officials have set the end of February as the unofficial deadline for reaching agreement on the Northern Ireland protocol, amid anxiety that the long–running talks could disrupt the campaign for the Northern Ireland assembly elections.
EU-Africa 19-01-2022

Exempt humanitarian aid from Mali sanctions, NGOs urge

A group of NGOs has urged the EU and broader international community to exempt humanitarian aid from sanctions imposed on Mali’s military government, warning that 1.2 million Malians face a food crisis.
Economy & Jobs 18-01-2022

British trade with Ireland slumps following Brexit

Goods exports from Great Britain to Ireland have dropped by 20% since the United Kingdom left the single market, according to data published on Monday by Ireland’s Central Statistics Office.
Brexit 14-01-2022

The Brief — The party’s over

It was always likely that something trivial would bring down Boris Johnson. It would never be policy because Johnson is, ideologically, something of an empty vessel. Throughout his career, it has always been unclear what, besides advancing his own interests, he actually believes in.
Brexit 14-01-2022

‘Deal to be done’ on NI protocol, says UK Brexit minister

The UK has stated its commitment to reaching a deal in the long running dispute over the Northern Ireland protocol following two days of talks between UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and European Commission Vice President Maros Šefčovič.
EU-Africa 13-01-2022

EU wants to continue its military missions in Mali, but ‘not at any cost’

The EU's role in an anti–jihadist defence and security mission in the Sahel region is under increasing threat as relations with the military government in Mali continue to decline over delayed elections and the presence of Russian mercenaries, EU officials conceded on Thursday.
EU-Africa 11-01-2022

EU move to scrap African travel bans clears key obstacle ahead of February summit

The EU’s decision on Monday (10 January) to scrap travel bans on people from a group of African countries has removed a major diplomatic obstacle ahead of February’s EU–African Union summit where the two blocs are hoping to agree on a ‘strategic partnership’.
Brexit 10-01-2022

UK resumes sabre rattling with EU, threatens to suspend NI protocol

Brexit minister Liz Truss on Sunday (9 January) resumed the UK government’s sabre rattling with Brussels, warning that she was prepared to suspend the Northern Ireland protocol, and potentially collapse the UK’s trade pact with the EU.
EU-Africa 04-01-2022

2022: COVID and vaccine access cast a shadow over EU-Africa partnership plan

Nearly two years after the European Commission set out plans for a ‘strategic partnership’ with Africa, and repeated delays, the long-awaited EU–African Union summit is almost upon us.
Future EU 23-12-2021

‘We need to know what happened in Europe in order to understand the Europe of today’

Despite the importance of history teaching to understand our past and present, Matjaž Gruden, director of democratic participation at the Observatory for History Teaching in Europe, worries that it is falling down the list of priorities in education across Europe.
Agrifood 22-12-2021

Green farming ambition is a hot potato ahead of EU-AU summit

The issue of vaccine hoarding and African vaccine production is likely to dominate the long-delayed EU-African Union (AU) summit but both sides want to beef up cooperation on agriculture policy as well.
Health 21-12-2021

Rich countries fail to agree aid price for COVID-19 vaccine donations

Wealthy states were stuck at an impasse after failing at a meeting on Tuesday (December 21) to agree on new rules that would allow them to report the donation of surplus COVID-19 vaccines as aid.
Politics 21-12-2021

The Brief – Down with Davos

A second COVID Christmas awaits, replete with travel restrictions, lockdowns in some countries, and vaccination passports. Gloomy as the prognosis is, if you look hard enough, there is one small silver lining, at least for those of us who write about politics for a living.
Brexit 17-12-2021

No checks on medicines from Britain to NI, under Commission proposals

The European Union has moved to ensure that medicines will continue to be available in Northern Ireland at the same time as in the rest of the UK, under new proposals published on Friday (17 December).
Politics 17-12-2021

The Brief, powered by Goldman Sachs – How Europe teaches its past

It is hard to remember a time in Europe’s recent past when conspiracy theories and disinformation were so popular and scapegoating of communities so prevalent. Aside from the health crisis, the COVID pandemic has brought with it distant echoes of the darker moments in Europe’s last century.

EU to review its African military missions following Wagner link

The EU will conduct Strategic Reviews in early 2022 into its military and defence cooperation missions in Africa, following reports that EU officials were providing training to local forces in the Central African Republic alongside the Russian mercenary group, Wagner. 
Agrifood 17-12-2021

Kenya divided over pesticides ban to align with EU Green Deal

The Kenyan farming community is divided over efforts by lawmakers to bring their regulations on pesticides in line with the EU’s green deal. Industry groups warn that a ban could wipe out over €1 billion of production.