Benjamin Fox

Brexit 23-07-2020

The Brief – Poking the Bear

It only took a few short months for the accusation that the 2016 Brexit referendum was rigged, unfair and corrupt to start doing the rounds. This week, Boris Johnson’s government finally published the Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee report, which...
Economy & Jobs 16-07-2020

The Brief – All hands to the pumps

Whichever way you cut it up, €750 billion is a lot of public money. Yet one of the striking parts of the debate on the post-COVID-19 EU Recovery Fund is that, whether from the ‘Frugal Four’ or Club Med, EU...
Coronavirus 08-07-2020

The Brief, powered by BSEF – The price of delay

Boris Johnson’s UK government has been widely flayed, quite rightly, for its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Slow to lockdown and slow to test and trace, the result is the highest death toll in Europe. But Johnson and his Finance...
Brexit 02-07-2020

The Brief – Global Britain: We’re just not that into EU

As vacuous slogans go, ‘Global Britain’, launched when Theresa May took over Brexit Britain from David Cameron in 2016, has been hard to beat. In 2018, UK lawmakers urged the government to set out what its international partners could expect...
Future EU 30-06-2020

The Brief – Keep out, Karlsruhe

After the sound and fury from Karlsruhe in May, the German Constitutional Court’s misguided attempt to rage against the European machine appears to have ended with something of a whimper.
Politics 26-06-2020

The Brief – The battle for hearts and minds rages on

The four year anniversary of the Great Liberation - or Great Unpleasantness - depending on your point of view, passed without much comment this week. For those in the UK, and most of Europe, who were heartily fed up of the never-ending futility of Brexit, that is cause for some celebration.
Coronavirus 23-06-2020

The Brief – Keep the taps flowing

A cold beer always tastes best when drunk with friends after work on a summer’s day. As most of Europe continues to emerge from the deprivations of lockdown, this pillar of basic human happiness is returning to the social calendar.
Brexit 17-06-2020

The Brief – Ambition alone won’t pay the EU’s COVID-19 bill

Back in the dog days of 2012 and 2013, even the best friends of Jose Manuel Barroso and Herman van Rompuy – then running the EU show – would have struggled to argue that their EU budget blueprint was ambitious. It was deliberately and consciously timid.

The Brief – EU-Africa relations in a post-COVID world

One of the last acts of the European Commission before the coronavirus pandemic hit was to publish its strategy paper on future EU-Africa relations. Such geopolitical considerations seem like a distant memory, but they are coming back to the fo
Non-discrimination 10-06-2020

The Brief – Europe’s race blindspot

In much of Europe, institutional racism is so deeply ingrained that millions of white people don’t even notice it. Those in much of provincial Europe could be forgiven for not seeing it. But we delude ourselves if we believe that...