Cecilia Malmström

Economy & Jobs 30-09-2019

Why don’t women benefit from international trade as much as men?

President-elect Ursula von der Leyen will be the first female Commission president. Not only that, but she has also succeeded in forming the first gender-balanced EU leadership team. Women are back on the EU's agenda, writes Cecilia Malmström.
Trade & Society 31-10-2016

CETA shows that Europe can shape globalisation

Trade will happen with or without trade agreements, but with the signing of CETA, the EU and Canada are showing the way forward in shaping globalisation, writes Cecilia Malmström.
Trade & Society 06-11-2015

Trade is not just about economics, but also values

Today, trade agreements are not only about increased exports and imports.  They are also about values, standards and our global responsibilities. The EU-US trade deal is a chance to enshrine joint and ambitious commitments to sustainable development, Cecilia Malmström writes the day she presented a proposal for a dedicated chapter in TTIP.
Cecilia Malmström

The EU needs more labour migration

Labour migration is becoming a sensitive issue and misperceptions are widespread. If the potential of migration to deal with labour and skills shortages is to be further explored, policymakers at all levels have a responsibility to enter into an informed debate based on facts and a long-term view, writes EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmström.