Céline Charveriat

Global Europe 23-03-2017

UN development goals should be put at heart of the European project

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals address all the issues that are all-important to EU citizens. But the clock is rapidly ticking down to the 2030 deadline. That is why Céline Charveriat is calling for a European SDG roadmap.
Climate change 18-12-2015

Stand by your vulnerable High Ambition Coalition partners

The EU needs to assess and overhaul all its policies to make sure they fit with the 1.5°C Paris target, and raise more climate finance for developing countries. Anything less would be a kick in the teeth for our vulnerable, ambitious coalition partners, writes Céline Charveriat.
Climate change 18-12-2015

Three action points to get the ball rolling after COP21

Céline Charveriat lists three essential action points that should guide EU countries in their implementation of the Paris climate deal.