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Economy & Jobs 28-02-2020

Building Digital Solutions in Construction

In an increasingly digital global economy, new technologies have a lot of benefits to offer Europe. European Standards (ENs) are on the forefront to make new technologies trustworthy and safe.
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Economy & Jobs 16-01-2020

European Standards build trust in the Single Market

The more than 24.000 European standards existing play a fundamental role in making the Single Market work efficiently: they make it easier to sell products and services across Europe and beyond, improve safety, protect consumer, reduce red tape and foster innovation.
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Economy & Jobs 04-12-2019

Standards Build Trust

We all want the best for Europe: for our citizens, for our industries, for our consumers, for the future.
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Towards a more sustainable Europe: the potential of standards

European standards play a fundamental role in the quest for sustainability. The inclusiveness of the European standardization system ensures that it takes into consideration the concerns and priorities of society, contributing to long-term viable solutions to today’s most complex problems.
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Economy & Jobs 09-10-2019

Boosting innovation through standards

CEN and CENELEC, the European standardization organizations, warmly welcome researchers, technologists and innovators to the dedicated one-day event “Boosting innovation through standards”.
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Standards build trust!

European standards help Europe meet today and tomorrow’s technological and societal challenges. They support Europe’s priorities through improving business performance and creating trust.