Christian Ewert

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Economy & Jobs 23-08-2019

Amid protectionist threats, amfori sees more European retailers supporting open and sustainable trade

The planet is changing at an ever-increasing pace. Some of the world's largest actors in international trade continue to open up their markets, while others are protecting their economies to the detriment of others, and even themselves, writes Christan Ewert.
Economy & Jobs 01-09-2017

Even in the age of Brexit and Trump, business can help drive responsible trade

For growth and trade to be truly responsible, they must become more inclusive and governments and businesses are both critical to making this happen, write Arancha González and Christian Ewert.

Looking at environmental performance across the supply chain

The environmental impact of business activity is often mistakenly limited to the direct operations of companies. In reality, it is the environmental performance of the supply chain as a whole that needs to be looked into, writes Christian Ewert.
Trade & Society 16-12-2015

Anti-dumping transparency is clearly needed

The European Commission’s Trade For All strategy, released in October, contains much to appreciate, especially from the Foreign Trade Association’s perspective, which represents EU importers, retailers and brand-names, writes Christian Ewert.
Trade & Society 13-07-2015

TTIP: A call for decisive action

We need to put hyperbole and prejudice aside and start an unbiased public debate about TTIP, argue Christian Ewert and Julia Hughes.