Clara Bauer-Babef

Health 20-05-2022

France’s newly appointed health minister in favour of “strengthening” Europe’s health systems

Brigitte Bourguignon was appointed France's new Minister for Health and Prevention in Elisabeth Borne's government on Friday (20 May). Olivier Véran, who she is succeeding, was appointed Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament and Democratic Life.
Health 19-05-2022

EU cooperation key for rare diseases research, accessible treatment, says expert

France is "ahead of the curve" when it comes to treating rare diseases, but with 36 million Europeans affected, cooperation at the EU level to advance research and make treatments more accessible is essential, an expert warned. EURACTIV France reports.
Health 11-05-2022

Health brief: The barriers to disability inclusion in the workforce

Setting up efficient strategies to create a more inclusive society is complicated by a lack of data, according to a recent publication, despite the fact that nearly 100 million people are disabled in the EU.
Coronavirus 05-05-2022

EU lawmakers back one-year extension of COVID certificate

EU lawmakers backed on Thursday (5 May) a proposal by the EU Parliament's civil liberties committee to extend until June 2023 the EU's digital COVID certificate, set to expire this summer.
Health 05-05-2022

Commission, WHO discuss mental health aid for Ukrainians

The mental health of Ukrainians and those in exile was at the heart of discussions for the first time at the WHO mental health coalition meeting on Wednesday (4 May), attended by EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides. EURACTIV France reports.
Health 03-05-2022

Impact of pandemic on childrens’ mental health to be surveyed in France

The two years of the pandemic have put the mental health of the youngest to the test, but there is not enough data to create an adequate response, according to Santé Publique France, which launched a national survey on the well-being of children on Monday 2 May.
Health 28-04-2022

Pharma industry improved since before pandemic say patient groups

Since the pandemic, the public image of big pharma companies such as Sanofi, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Bayer has improved, according to a survey of 2,150 patient groups worldwide.
Politics 27-04-2022

The Brief – En Marche, in reverse

Between a high rate of abstention and a vote "against the far-right", is Emmanuel Macron really "the worst elected president of the Fifth Republic", as his far-left opponent Jean-Luc Mélenchon quipped on election night? 
Health 22-04-2022

Commission confirms support for EMA’s advice on antimicrobials for humans only

Health commissioner Stella Kyriakides reaffirmed support for the European Medicines Agency (EMA)'s set of recommendations for antimicrobials to be reserved for humans only despite criticism over the non-inclusion of colistin, an antibiotic used in veterinary medicine.
Elections 22-04-2022

Macron, Le Pen spar over disability allowance in TV debate

Incumbent French President Emmanuel Macron and his far-right contender Marine Le Pen clashed over the current practice of taking into account the partner's income when calculating the allowance for disabled adults in a televised debate ahead of their final face-off on Sunday.
Elections 21-04-2022

French healthcare professionals increase calls to vote against Le Pen

French health professionals urged the electorate to vote against far-right candidate Marine Le Pen's 'problematic' health programme just a few days before she meets incumbent President Emmanuel Macron in the final round of the polls. EURACTIV France reports.
Elections 14-04-2022

French PM travels to La Réunion to rally support for Macron

Prime Minister Jean Castex will pay a two-day visit to France's overseas territory at Réunion island on 14-15 April in an attempt to rally support for President Emmanuel Macron, after most islanders voted for the far-left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the first round.
Health 14-04-2022

New global compact to accelerate fight against noncommunicable diseases

Members of the World Health Organisation (WHO) have called for concrete action to reduce premature deaths from noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, cancers, and heart and lung disease, calling their prevalence a "pandemic".
Elections 12-04-2022

Yellow Vest voters favour Le Pen’s presidential candidacy

Far-right French electoral candidate Marine Le Pen is the favourite candidate of the Yellow Vest protest movement, a study published a day after the election's first round has found. EURACTIV France reports.
Europe's East 08-04-2022

MEPs call on EU countries to protect Ukrainian children from human trafficking

Since Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February, more than 2,5 millions children have fled the war facing risk of illegal trafficking and abuse. MEPs adopted a resolution calling to protect children refugees on Thursday (7 April). 
Health 07-04-2022

Air pollution threatens health of billions of people around the world, warns WHO

Ninety-nine per cent of the global population lives in places that exceed World Health Organisation (WHO) air quality standards, threatening health and causing premature deaths, according to a new study published this week.
Health 05-04-2022

European nonprofit provides Ukrainian doctors with online intensive care courses

As most humanitarian corridors are closed, a European non-profit health organisation is giving online training to doctors in Ukraine to help them face the wave of casualties from the conflict.
Health 30-03-2022

French presidential candidates unified in calls for mental health care reform

Presidential candidates in the French election race all want to reform the state of mental health care as the country's mental well-being significantly deteriorated because of the pandemic. EURACTIV France reports.
Health 24-03-2022

WHO calls to ensure health of both Ukrainian refugees and host population in Moldova

The urgent need to strengthen the national public health system for Ukrainian refugees and Moldovans has been stressed by Hans Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, during a trip to the latter.
Health 23-03-2022

French presidential candidates’ proposals on healthcare staff shortage

French presidential candidates have put forward their proposals on how to tackle the country's shortage of healthcare staff across several regions. EURACTIV France reports.
Health 16-03-2022

EU to prioritise evacuation of Ukrainian children in urgent need of care

EU health ministers agreed on Tuesday (15 March) to first evacuate from Ukraine children in urgent need of care, following talks of a coordinated EU approach to the health crisis in the country.
Health 10-03-2022

Disability ministers call for ‘more just and inclusive’ EU

The EU needs to take additional steps to ensure people with disabilities have greater access to jobs and rights across the bloc, Sophie Cluzel, the French Secretary of State in charge of people with disabilities, told her European counterparts in Paris on Wednesday (9 March).  EURACTIV France reports.
Health 03-03-2022

UNICEF launches €400 million appeal to help Ukrainian civilians, children

The UN's Children's Fund UNICEF estimates that it will need €400 million over the next three months to help civilians, especially children, in Ukraine, though its teams continue to face logistical problems delivering aid to the field. EURACTIV France reports.
Health 03-03-2022

EU expert group recommends Commission to step up cancer screening

The EU's Group of Chief Scientific Advisers (GCSA) has issued scientific advice to the Commission to strengthen its plan to fight cancer in Europe. The priority, they say, is to extend screening to other different kinds of cancer.