Corinna Klessmann

Energy 24-05-2022

How new rules to define renewable hydrogen could shape the market

Late on Friday 20 May, the European Commission published rules for calling transport fuels of non-biological origin, including hydrogen, renewable. The criteria is strict, despite industry lobbying, write Corinna Klessmann, Felix von Blücher, and Malte Gephart.
Energy 03-05-2022

The road to green hydrogen certification – and the potholes to be avoided

As Europe looks to renewables to help it break free from Russian fossil fuels, the EU must ensure it comes up with robust criteria for green hydrogen and learn from the certification of biofuels, write Sacha Alberici, Gemma Toop and Corinna Klessmann.
Energy 15-10-2021

Emerging renewable energy markets require well-designed auctions

Auctions are an essential part of the policy toolkit for promoting cost-efficient renewable energy development, but policymakers must be prepared to tailor design to local conditions and adjust for market-specific challenges, write Geoffrey Ho, Corinna Klessmann, and Fabian Wigand.

Sustainable green hydrogen requires binding criteria

The absence of legally binding requirements for green hydrogen could lead to adverse effects, for example, rising CO2 emissions if partly fossil-based electricity is used in synthetic fuel production, write Corinna Klessmann, Jonas Schröder and Felix von Blücher.