Daniela Vincenti

Global Europe 12-07-2016

South China Sea Arbitration: Illegal, Illegitimate and Invalid

Many in the West have pointed their finger at China and accused Beijing of “thumbing its nose at international rules” over the South China Sea territorial dispute, explains Ambassador Yang Yanyi.
EU Priorities 2020 11-09-2014

The EU needs a completely new direction

The new Commission needs to start a drastic reform programme to save the EU. Only then can Europe survive in a world of tectonic shifts, warns Joop Hazenberg.
Denis Pennel

Mrs Thyssen, let’s start creating jobs right now!

New Employment Commissioner must eliminate labour market imperfections in order to boost job creation across Europe, Pennel writes.
EU Priorities 2020 09-09-2014

Scotland and de-globalisation

The prospect of Scottish independence is further evidence that the era of increasing globalisation, with all its benefits to capital, is waning fast. Support for independence, an issue to be put to a vote among Scots on Sept. 18, has surged in recent days, with those in favor registering their first opinion poll lead over the weekend, writes James Saft.

EU leaders sideline gender parity at summit

?Appointing 40% of women to the Commission has become mission impossible, and it is legitimate to wonder whether the wind from the conservative corner isn’t blowing too loud in Europe, writes Maari Põim.
EU Priorities 2020 01-09-2014

30 August 1954 – 60 years to the day of French delusion

French political leaders have been cultivating for 60 years the myth that they want a stronger Europe, but there is no diplomacy without a credible military arm. It is time to recover control over the means of sovereignty and France now needs to stop deluding itself, writes Stephen Boucher.
Digital & Media 15-07-2014

New Beginnings

With a new legislative cycle about to start, we need to lay down the foundations for an economy that grasps the future, beginning with the digital single market, writes Fausto Pinto de Matos.