Dr. Frank Umbach

Energy 16-02-2021

The EU should maintain the Energy Charter Treaty

There are fundamental good reasons to continue protecting the investments covered by the Energy Charter Treaty as private investment will be crucial for the vast infrastructure overhauls needed to shift towards renewable energy, writes Dr Frank Umbach.
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Energy 26-06-2019

Threatening EU’s capacity mechanisms: Understanding unintended consequences for the Clean Energy package

In contrast to energy companies and NGOs, governments have to balance their climate as well as environmental needs with the other two objectives of the “energy trilemma”, namely economic competitiveness and energy supply security.
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Energy 03-10-2018

Implementing the EU’s Electricity Market Design

Whatever the negotiation result of the revision of the electricity market design will be, the agreed framework for “capacity mechanisms” needs to be reviewed regularly due to the changing conditions of the European electricity sector, says Frank Umbach.
Electricity 03-04-2018

‘Capacity markets’ must remain technologically-neutral

The European Parliament’s approach to electricity market design is a serious challenge to security of energy supply in Poland and other EU member states, warns Frank Umbach.