Dr. Michael Freytag - Public Affairs Manager

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Economy & Jobs 30-06-2021

Sectoral Social Dialogue is essential for driving the economic recovery in Europe

The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply impacted and transformed labour markets and the way we work. Remote working has become the norm for many people. Workers need new skills,  training and guidance to adapt to new realities and sustain their employability....
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Economy & Jobs 26-05-2021

Back from Porto – making the Action Plan on the European Pillar of Social Rights a reality

The Porto Social Summit has set new ambitious employment and social targets for the European Union. Ambitious but achievable, especially if the EU and its Member States set an enabling environment for the private employment services industry to contribute, writes...
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Economy & Jobs 03-03-2021

Ensuring fair working conditions in the online talent platform economy

Online talent platforms have great potential to increase labour markets participation but how can we ensure that they offer decent working conditions? The European private employment services sector reflects on the role for the European Union given the diversity of national situations and the existing regulatory frameworks.
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Economy & Jobs 21-09-2020

How private employment services help make undeclared work a thing of the past

The World Employment Confederation-Europe supports the EU4FairWork campaign, raising awareness about the risks of undeclared work and promoting good practices to eliminate it. With a proven role in reducing undeclared work, agency work offers a clear pathway into better working conditions and employment.
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Economy & Jobs 04-05-2020

Social dialogue is vital to tackle COVID-19 crisis

Building on a long-standing tradition of social dialogue, the World Employment Confederation-Europe and UNI-Europa, the EU Sectoral Social Partners for temporary agency work, issued joint recommendations to tackle the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Economy & Jobs 09-12-2019

Diverse forms of work call for out-of-the-box solutions for social protection

With workplace transitions on the rise we need to ensure that they are accompanied by some form of stability and security. The arrival of a new European Commission provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on how to reform Europe’s social protection systems, writes Michael Freytag.
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Economy & Jobs 14-10-2019

Skills are the new currency in the changing world of work

Solving the skills gap is essential in the changing world of work. The European private employment industry is already developing new solutions, from AI-based skills assessment to the matching of skills demand and educational offering. Now policy support has to follow.
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Economy & Jobs 01-07-2019

What’s next for the new European Commission?

The EU’s challenge in the field of employment and social policies is to make Europe the best place to work. The private employment industry believes that it does not take new rules or directives but rather more mutual learning… and a touch of social innovation.
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Economy & Jobs 11-04-2019

Europe’s future of work requires new safety nets

How, where and when we work is changing rapidly. There are now many diverse forms of work. In addition to the challenges that this new world of work brings to our existing systems of labour legislation, lifelong learning, taxation and collective bargaining, its impact on our social protection systems is of particular concern, writes Michael Freytag.
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Economy & Jobs 18-09-2018

Why we need to create a level playing field for new forms of work

Technological progress has enabled new forms of work that offer diversity, adaptability and novel methods of labour market participation, but it is also presenting some challenges. Michael Freytag explains the implications and challenges.
Economy & Jobs 12-07-2016

Single market strategy can be a key driver for competitiveness, growth and job creation

The holistic approach laid out in the Commission’s Communication Upgrading the Single market: more opportunities for people and business, is a step in the right direction to maximise the benefits of the single market, argues Michael Freytag.