Dr. Michael Freytag

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Economy & Jobs 05-04-2022

Platform work: Walking the line between technological innovation and protecting workers’rights

Balanced regulation is required from the proposed EU Directive on platform work to ensure the best outcome for platforms and workers alike. The diversity within the platform economy merits a considered and flexible approach to classifying labour.
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Economy & Jobs 15-03-2022

Towards more dynamic, inclusive and resilient labour markets in Europe

European social partners for the agency work sector propose recommendations to make European labour markets more dynamic, inclusive and resilient, in the aftermath of the changes that the Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced and accelerated.
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Economy & Jobs 26-10-2021

Appropriate and less restrictive agency work regulation will drive economic and social recovery in Europe

Ongoing attempts both at the European and national levels to restrict agency work risks jeopardizing the key contribution that the sector can make to the recovery of European economies and the sustainability of their labour markets.
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Economy & Jobs 29-09-2021

Why skilling policies should embrace career guidance to futureproof employability

As the EU Member States’ recovery plans feature a decent share of spending towards adult learning and skills, the career management sector believes that policymakers still miss out on one crucial ingredient to make labour markets transitions truly effective and...