Eleonora Panella

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Between fieldwork and advocacy for the protection of wildlife and biodiversity

Biodiversity is under threat, elephants and wildlife in general are declining rapidly. IFAW has been working for 50 years on the ground and with decision-makers. The EU and Member States must take their responsibilities now before it’s too late.

Silence please! Marine mammals are dying

Shipping, oil and gas exploration, military sonar, and underwater construction are all creating an enormous amount of noise that reduce the ability of whales, dolphins, and other marine wildlife to feed, breed, communicate and ultimately, survive, writes Eleonora Panella.
Economy & Jobs 17-03-2017

Fighting wildlife trafficking must be made a priority

The recent killing of a rhino in a French zoo brought the harsh realities of wildlife crime to our doorstep, yet the EU already lies at the heart of the illegal wildlife trade. Joanna Swabe, Eleonora Panella and Daniel Turner argue that tackling wildlife trafficking must be made a priority issue.