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Economy & Jobs 14-09-2020

Introduction to REITs and EPRA’s Global REIT Survey 2020

Discover what REITs are and how they span around the world. Fourteen European countries have already recognised a public benefit to incentivise real estate investment through public markets and have introduced REIT legislation to maximise returns through an effective tax...
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Economy & Jobs 09-05-2019

Building blocks for a prosperous future

To unlock capital, face new global challenges such as climate change, and build the cities of tomorrow, the EU needs to encourage more stable and cross-border investments.
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Economy & Jobs 29-01-2018

Listed real estate: a large contributor to the EU economy

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Real estate plays a crucial role in all aspects of our everyday lives. The new report by EPRA demonstrates that European listed real estate is a key sector for the EU economy, providing and securing a significant amount of jobs and investments.