Ernest Urtasun

EU Priorities 2020 25-04-2022

CoFoE: Time for a more united and progressive Union

It is only by deepening political integration, presenting genuinely progressive and realistic solutions and gaining more influence in the European political space that we can deploy our ambitious social and economic agenda, write MEPs from three different groups of the European Parliament and members of the Progressive Caucus.
Economy & Jobs 25-04-2022

Inflation: The high price of Europe’s dependence on fossil fuels

The current rise in inflation is being driven by a rise in fossil fuel prices, and a tightening of the monetary policy by the European Central Bank (ECB) would not help against high prices and might even come at a great cost to the economy, argues Ernest Urtasun.

EU must end investment protection in the fossil sector

The Energy Charter Treaty, which dates back to the 1990s, severely restricts Europe's ability to change regulations in the energy sector, with many EU member states facing court actions worth billions of euros, write a group of MEPs. If the treaty cannot be reformed, then it must be scrapped, they argue.
Euro & Finance 28-04-2016

The Greek crisis: European madness

Last week, Greece had to deal with new austerity measures and a Eurostat study invalidated the IMF’s doomsday scenario. A number of MEPs now call upon European leaders to rethink the issue of debt and review the reforms being imposed on Greece.