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Health 22-06-2022

Health brief – Uphill start for COVI on their quest for transparency

After three hearings with no less than three Commissioners, it is clear that MEPs in the recently set European Parliament's special committee on the COVID-19 pandemic (COVI) will have to be persistent if they wish to access the necessary information.
Health 15-06-2022

Health brief: The AMR saga continues

The European Parliament’s health committee (ENVI) has voted in favour of an objection calling on the Commission to withdraw its draft implementing act, continuing the saga of the list of antimicrobials reserved for human use. The outcome of the vote...
Health 08-06-2022

Health brief: A hot summer is coming for European hospitals

Health systems are in crisis, blown away by two years of pandemic and with summer approaching, tensions are rising again as health professionals fear they will not be able to care for all patients.
Health 01-06-2022

Health brief – A double punishment for cancer survivors

Many cancer survivors in long-term remission often experience unfair treatment in accessing financial services because of their medical history. While the right to be forgotten is a way to solve this issue, it is implemented in only a handful of...
Health 25-05-2022

Health Brief – Human rights violated, access to health neglected: Roma in ‘mental distress’

Lower life expectancy, limited access to health services, and violation of human rights affect the mental health of Roma people living in Europe. NGOs are sounding the alarm about that.
Health 18-05-2022

Health Brief: Cross-border healthcare rights are (still) unknown

After ten years with the cross-border health directive, hardly anyone in the EU is aware of their rights to be treated in another county, the European Commission's new evaluation of the directive has revealed. Just as plenty of evaluations before them have.
Health 11-05-2022

Health brief: The barriers to disability inclusion in the workforce

Setting up efficient strategies to create a more inclusive society is complicated by a lack of data, according to a recent publication, despite the fact that nearly 100 million people are disabled in the EU.
Health 04-05-2022

Health brief: Let’s get digital

The EU health world is facing a paradigm shift, as policymakers have taken several significant steps forward into the sphere of data and artificial intelligence.
Health 27-04-2022

Health brief: Transparency in COVID contracts

The EU response to the COVID-19 pandemic had to happen fast, but critics quickly highlighted the lack of transparency - especially with the vaccine contracts. These critics are not done fighting.
Health 20-04-2022

Health Brief: Back on vaccination track

Although routine immunisation rates appear to be recovering, the refugee influx from Ukraine into neighbouring countries has presented a further challenge.
Health 13-04-2022

Health Brief: A trip into EU health

With mental health issues growing across Europe, psychedelics research and therapy are entering EU policymaking after having shown promising results for treating disturbs such as depression, PTSD, and anxiety.
Health 06-04-2022

Health Brief: Harvesting the EU’s health union

Decisions made in 2020 during the COVID-19 emergency are starting “to bear fruit” for the EU’s health union, as the case of reinforcing the European Medicines Agency (EMA) shows.
Health 30-03-2022

Health Brief: What the people want

A wave of momentum for health initiatives washed over the EU following COVID-19. That is evident in the citizens’ recommendations formed in the Conference of the Future of Europe (CoFoE), which has now entered its final phase.
Health 23-03-2022

Health Brief: Fake it till you make drugs

A new study shines the spotlight again on the scourge of counterfeit drugs, which have consequences on people's health, confidence in the healthcare system and even the environment.
Health 16-03-2022

Health Brief: Welcome to the ‘supermarket’

In western Poland, a humanitarian centre for Ukraine is open 24/7. A French association travelled from Paris to bring dozens of donations to this place that everyone here calls the "supermarket".
Health 09-03-2022

Health Brief: Leave no one behind

As another Women’s Day has come and gone, the invasion of Ukraine has highlighted the precarious situation of the country's women and put their health needs at the forefront of international discussions.
Health 02-03-2022

Health brief: Directing EU’s aid to Ukraine

When Russia launched its large-scale military invasion of Ukraine, the international scene drastically changed. And pushed Ukraine into a new humanitarian crisis.
Health 23-02-2022

Health Brief: Oh, BECA (you’re that special one)

Oh, baby, you are my special one, Marvin Gaye sang, and it could have just as well been about the Committee on Beating Cancer (BECA). But with more and more "special" committees cropping up, the question is: are they 'specially memorable' or 'nothing special'?
Health 16-02-2022

Health Brief: The power of pleasure

A new study shows the benefits of incorporating 'sexual pleasure' as an element in sexual and reproductive health, suggesting that we should rethink our approach to sex in our societies.
Health 09-02-2022

Health Brief: Unequal access to vaccines takes root in EU-AU summit

While health did not feature as a topic at the previous EU-African Union (AU) summit back in 2017, it certainly will do at the upcoming summit next week.
Health 02-02-2022

Health Brief: The HPV vaccine moral dilemma

At a time when Europe’s beating cancer plan aims to include boys in HPV vaccination programs, vaccine shortages are creating a moral dilemma: Should a shot be given to a boy in the EU or a girl in a low-income country?
Health 26-01-2022

Health Brief: The vaccines we waste

While Europeans are rushing to get their booster before nine months - or even less - have passed since their first jab, fewer than 10% of people in low-income countries have received at least one dose and the much-needed doses seem to be running out of date.