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ECHA’s new regulatory development on lead: many losses, few advantages

Including lead metal under an “Authorisation” listing, as proposed by ECHA, would impact many strategic sectors and successful EU value chains, including the ammunition industry, with consequences for both industry and society.
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Economy & Jobs 30-11-2021

Near-total ban on lead ammunition: at what price for workers and companies?

The impact of the near-total ban on lead ammunition will be severe for both industry and society: up to €4 billion and over 16,000 jobs could be lost, with associated public assistance costs totaling €1.4 billion in the EEA.
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1 in 4 hunters will stop hunting if near-total ban on lead ammunition becomes reality

If the ban on the use of all lead ammunition becomes reality, 25% of hunters in Europe (nearly 2 million people) will stop hunting entirely and at least 30% will hunt less frequently.
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ECHA Report on lead ammunition near-total ban: Starting off on the wrong foot once again

After the intensely-debated ban on lead shot in wetlands, we’re now facing a much broader ban on all lead ammunition in other types of terrain: ECHA’s report scientific flaws and general inaccuracy make the outlook for future decisions rather grim.