European Sunlight Association

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Health 11-03-2020

Sunlight and Sunbeds – natural and artificial UV radiation

Without a doubt, with its infrared light, visible light and UV light components sunlight is of central importance to all of us. However, over the last couple of years, an unjust demonization of the sun and to a similar extent of tanning beds has taken place, writes Torben König, Scientific Advisor of the European Sunlight Association (ESA).
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Health 04-11-2019

ESA: Fair media coverage based on scientific facts

Both indoor and outdoor tanning has been heavily criticised mostly using outdated scientific findings and completely disregarding benefits of moderate sunbed use or outdoor exposure to sunlight.
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Health 07-10-2019

ESA: Current rules and regulations on sunbeds

The European Sunlight Association a.s.b.l. (ESA) was established to promote safe, controlled and informed use of sunbeds compliant with the relevant regulative framework.
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Health 16-09-2019

ESA: Who we are and what we stand for

We as an industry welcome open discussions, initiatives, and exchange of information with all the stakeholders, experts, and responsible institutions to make sure true and most up-to-date findings and scientific facts on UV radiation and sunbed use are made available to the public and consumers.