Fabian Zuleeg

The EU's institutional data protection watchdog has 'critical concerns' with European Parliament plans to install a biometric register that will allow MEPs to collect their daily allowance and sign in for hearings on the Brussels premises, it has transpired.
Future EU 13-04-2021

The age of permacrisis

Despite the fatigue with the pandemic and the longing for stability and predictability, Europe has entered the age of ‘permacrisis’, in which volatility, uncertainty, and a prolonged sense of emergency have become the new normal, argue Ricardo Borges de Castro, Fabian Zuleeg and Janis A. Emmanouilidis.
Politics 30-10-2020

Think tanks and ethics – a contradiction in terms?

Think tanks play an important role in our democracies, in policy-making and in public opinion, but black sheep tarnish the reputation of the whole sector. Developing and adhering to ethical principles could be a step forward but this needs to be incentivised, through funding and capacity building, writes Fabian Zuleeg.
Brexit 19-05-2015

What can Brussels do to avoid Brexit?

Clear but invisible lines of communication between London and Brussels, and a pragmatic and opportunistic approach are required if Brexit is to be avoided, according to Fabian Zuleeg.
EU Priorities 2020 09-09-2014

Beyond individuals: a more effective structure for the Commission

Commenting on the leaked organigram of the next Commission, Fabian Zuleeg says that new executive should reflect not only an acceptable political bargain, but also makes progress in making the structure more effective.