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Trust in carbon market ‘undermined’ by EU’s Russia plans, analysts warn

Analysts have slammed European Commission plans to raise €20 billion from the EU’s carbon market stability reserve as a way of financing a €300-billion effort to wean Europe off Russian fossil fuels.
Energy 18-05-2022

EU tables €300bn plan to ditch Russian fossil fuels, speed up green transition

The European Commission submitted on Wednesday (18 May) a €300 billion plan to eliminate Russian energy imports by 2027, although it admitted this would require short-term investments in new fossil fuel infrastructure to replace imports of Russian oil and gas.

The Green Brief: Quitting Russian fossil fuels is only half the challenge

Faced with war, high energy prices and a climate crisis, Europe needs to untangle itself from Russian fossil fuels asap. But ultimately, it needs to reduce its reliance on all fossil fuels as much as possible.
Energy 17-05-2022

Europe edging closer to withdrawal from Energy Charter Treaty

More European Union countries have shown signs of impatience with the ongoing reform of the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT), which critics say impedes international efforts to phase out fossil fuels, according to leaked diplomatic cables seen by EURACTIV.
Energy 16-05-2022

LEAK: EU countries urged to prepare for Russian gas ‘supply shock’

In a policy document due to be adopted on Wednesday (18 May), the European Commission urges EU member states to step up preparations for a “full disruption of Russian gas supplies” by considering emergency measures like a temporary cap on gas prices.
Energy 13-05-2022

Academic: We are probably entering a long period of high gas prices

With Russia’s war in Ukraine, the European Union is probably entering a long period of high gas prices, warns Ilaria Conti, saying the EU should use the crisis to mandate a storage obligation on EU member states and push for higher targets on renewable energy.

‘Politically-driven’ EU carbon market needs more transparency, analysts agree

The European Union’s flagship climate policy instrument, the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), needs more monitoring and transparency in order to prevent “speculation about speculation” and restore political confidence in the market, analysts have said.

EU lawmakers clinch compromises on carbon market overhaul

European Union lawmakers have reached an initial agreement on reforms to the EU carbon market as they prepare to negotiate an overhaul of the bloc's core policy for reducing planet-warming emissions.

The Green Brief: Breaking up (with Russian oil) is hard to do

When she tabled a proposal to ban all imports of Russian oil and refined petroleum products by the end of the year, EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen knew she would face resistance, if not outright opposition.

Analyst: Price collar would preserve ‘political stability’ of EU carbon market

Some form of price regulation, like a price collar or position limits on market players, could address worries about high prices on the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) and help prevent "a political backlash", climate and energy expert Michael Pahle told EURACTIV in an interview.
Energy 06-05-2022

EU electrolyser industry commits to boost manufacturing capacity tenfold by 2025

Electrolyser manufacturers in Europe committed on Thursday (5 May) to increase their manufacturing capacity tenfold – to 17.5 GW per year by 2025 – as part of a joint declaration with the European Commission in Brussels.
Energy 04-05-2022

EU proposes ‘complete ban’ on Russian oil imports within six to eight months

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen unveiled the sixth package of sanctions against Russia on Wednesday (4 May), including a “complete ban on all Russian oil” and refined petroleum products within the next six months and more sanctions against banks.

The Green Brief: Does the EPP still support von der Leyen’s Green Deal?

The European People’s Party (EPP), the largest group in Parliament, is threatening to scupper a crucial reform of the EU’s carbon market in a high-stakes political gambit that risks derailing the EU’s climate ambitions.

EU’s von der Leyen to present Russia oil ban in Parliament today

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is expected on Wednesday (4 May) to outline new sanctions against Moscow, including a ban on imports of Russian oil by the end of this year.

‘Money time’ for EU carbon market reform in the European Parliament

The lawmaker overseeing the adoption of a key package of EU climate legislation in the European Parliament has urged colleagues to stop fighting over the proposed reform, saying Europe must rise to the occasion in the current geopolitical context.
Electricity 29-04-2022

Electricity market ‘not to blame for current crisis’, EU agency concludes

The EU’s integrated electricity market has helped mitigate energy prices, bringing benefits estimated at €34 billion per year, according to a report by the EU’s energy regulators, who outline 13 measures to alleviate the ongoing price crisis.
Energy 28-04-2022

Von der Leyen defies Russia’s gas ‘blackmail’, vows EU unity with Poland and Bulgaria

The European Union has warned Russia it will not bend to "blackmail" over its support for Kyiv after the Kremlin cut off gas supplies to Bulgaria and Poland. The two countries are now supplied from their EU neighbours.

The Green Brief: Macron’s ecological to-do list

French President Emmanuel Macron will need to raise his environmental game in the coming five years after his first mandate was marked by grave mistakes on carbon taxation and stagnation on renewable energies.
Energy 26-04-2022

Industry boss: ‘Without Russian gas, we are probably in the worst situation we’ve ever been’

European gas infrastructure operators are preparing for all scenarios in the coming winter, including one “with no Russian gas at all” and supply cuts for consumers, says Torben Brabo.

The Green Brief: It’s now or never for energy conservation

EU countries are scrambling for new sources of gas to phase out Russian fossil fuels and punish Moscow for its brutal war in Ukraine. But in the rush to diversify, Europe once again risks overlooking a no-regret solution: energy conservation.
Energy 06-04-2022

EU Commission lays out plan to become climate neutral by 2030

The European Commission unveiled plans on Tuesday (5 April) to cut its own greenhouse gas emissions by 60% before the end of the decade, saying the remainder will be compensated with carbon removals.

The Green Brief: One step closer to Russian fossil fuel ban

Pictures of dead bodies lying in the streets of Bucha have rightly sparked collective outrage across Europe, suggesting wanton slaughter of the Ukrainian people by the Russian army.
Energy 05-04-2022

EU bets on local planning to boost district heating

District heating networks are set to receive a boost under draft EU legislation requiring all municipalities above 50,000 inhabitants to map out heating and cooling decarbonisation roadmaps.
Energy 01-04-2022

Gas crisis accelerates energy transition in district heating

The war in Ukraine is shifting the economic fundamentals behind the choice of fuel supplying district heating networks, with large-scale heat pumps becoming a more attractive option for energy operators looking to decarbonise.