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Financing the EU energy transition

The Taxonomy Regulation, a classification for “environmentally sustainable investments”, on which political agreement was reached on 16 December 2019, is the central element of the EU sustainable finance action plan. Its purpose is to identify economic activities that substantially contribute to environmental objectives, such as climate change mitigation or pollution prevention, while not causing significant environmental harm elsewhere.
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Reducing the GHG footprint of the gas value chain: progress in methane emissions management and reduction

Reducing methane emissions is a top priority for companies operating along the entire gas value chain. The EU Methane Strategy can further assist the gas industry in this mission.
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A competitive European industry: the contribution of gas technologies

The EU industry is the foundation of the European economy, providing 80% of the block’s exports and 35 million of its jobs. It is now called on by the European Commission to be at the forefront of the fight against climate change. The secret weapon? Industrial innovation.