Georgi Gotev with Alexandra Brzozowski

Future EU 02-09-2019

The Brief – Von der Leyen’s first success

It may be a long shot at this stage, but EURACTIV foresees that Ursula von der Leyen will be able to achieve her goal of achieving gender balance in the new EU executive. We will argue that this is a big success.
Future EU 25-07-2019

The Brief – Holy COW!

The EU is moving more and more toward inter-governmental formats. Unable to decide at 28, individual member countries are seeking solutions to problems such as rescue operations at sea, patrolling in the Strait of Hormuz, or even inside the Eurozone, on new budgetary instruments.
EU Elections 2019 19-06-2019

The Brief, powered by ADF International – Beyond Spitzenkandidaten

EU leaders meet on Thursday (20 June) to decide the top EU jobs for the next five years. They have a good incentive to make a decision. If they fail, they will have to hold another summit in the next ten days, before the first European Parliament session on 2 July.
EU Elections 2019 27-05-2019

The Brief – Macron, the Kingmaker

Let’s be blunt about it. The winners in the new European Parliament are the Greens, with almost 20 more members, and especially the ALDE group, with some 40 extra MEPs, mostly thanks to the arrival of Macron’s Renaissance party. This is why this force is now called ALDE&R.
Enlargement 30-04-2019

The Brief – EU enlargement, the untold story

Isn’t the EU schizophrenic? Jean-Claude Juncker has just given a very positive assessment of the 2004 “big bang” enlargement. At the same time, older EU members don’t dare mention the prospect of new countries from the Western Balkans joining the...
Politics 11-04-2019

The Brief, powered by CEN-CENELEC – Could Labour land Timmermans the top job?

The twists and turns of Brexit never stop. It is now increasingly likely that UK citizens will take part in the European elections in May, and might even play a decisive role. If the EU elections were held with the UK...
Politics 09-04-2019

The Brief powered by CEN-CENELEC- Juncker and the press

A hopefully useful exchange took place at the Commission midday briefing on Monday and Tuesday (8-9 April) about whether Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker is accessible to the press. The midday briefing is the best place to take the EU temperature....
Future EU 25-03-2019

The Brief – A Roman comedy of errors

Today marks the anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, signed in 1957 by the six founding member countries, which laid the groundwork for what was to become the EU. Five years ago, EURACTIV disclosed a veritable comedy of errors related to the signing of the foundational Treaty.
Politics 14-03-2019

The Brief – Tajani’s blunder, part II

In February we wrote ‘Tajani’s blunder’, when the president of the European Parliament got involved in a controversy with Slovenia and Croatia, seen by many as an attempt at World War II revisionism. But Tajani did it again, with unexpected praise for Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini, this time in a radio interview.
EU Elections 2019 07-03-2019

The Brief, powered by EUROBAT – Orban could do the EU a big favour

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is splitting the EPP. But by doing so, he could actually save Europe from a nightmare scenario: the centre-right and the far-right forging a Eurosceptic majority coalition in the next European Parliament.

The Brief – Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Who is afraid of Laura Codruţa Kövesi's candidacy for the first-ever chief prosecutor of the European Union? Which countries voted against her? Kövesi is Romanian. But make no mistake, Romania is against her candidacy.

The Brief – The untold Brexit story

There are hundreds of articles about the impact of Brexit on UK businesses. What is striking is that there is virtually nothing similar about its impact on European businesses. As if Brexit would only hurt the UK side. While the EU stands to profit from it. We don’t buy that.
Enlargement 19-02-2019

The Brief – Euromaidan post-mortem

Council President Donald Tusk is in Ukraine to mark the fifth anniversary of Euromaidan, more precisely of the fierce fighting on 18-20 February 2014 in which 77 activists were killed.  Others consider 22 February, when Yanukovich fled to Russia, the culmination...
Politics 12-02-2019

The Brief – Tajani’s blunder

A Twitter clash has broken out between Slovenian Commissioner Violeta Bulc and European Parliament President Antonio Tajani over the latter's involvement, together with Lega leader Matteo Salvini, in a commemoration perceived as a fascist gathering.
Politics 05-02-2019

The Brief – Don’t mix EU elections and referendums!

It’s quite likely that Emmanuel Macron will use the European elections to ask voters to have their say on various domestic issues covered as part of the “great debate” he recently initiated. But this is risky business.
EU Elections 2019 30-01-2019

The Brief – Commissioners in campaign

Why is Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič taking unpaid leave to run in the Slovak presidential election, while First Vice President Frans Timmermans, who is the Spitzenkandidat for the European elections, is keeping his seat at the Berlaymont? Timmermans is far from...
Enlargement 25-01-2019

The Brief – A historic defeat of nationalism

The best world news to come in a long time is today’s vote by the Greek parliament, ratifying the so-called Prespa agreement and putting an end to the name dispute between Athens and Skopje.
Politics 16-01-2019

The Brief – A Day without Europe

During a recent discussion about the future of the EU, one of the speakers suggested that there should be a “Day without Europe”, in the same way that cities hold an annual day without cars, or some people go offline from the web for 24 hours.
Enlargement 11-01-2019

The Brief – Don’t blacklist journalists

“Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug”, the Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler sang in 1991, a perfect illustration of the everyday life of politicians but also journalists. Here is a story about journalists and a politician, which has been...

The Brief – Do you want to know a secret?

At least 1,100 coded cables have been extracted by hackers from the coded communication COREU service of the European Union and made available to the New York Times by a US cybersecurity firm, Area 1 Security. The US newspaper published 88 pages of them.
EU Elections 2019 07-12-2018

The Brief – Socialist schism

The Party of European Socialists is meeting in Lisbon in an apparent show of unity. Unlike the EPP, the liberals or even the greens, socialists don’t need to choose from competing candidates – they only have one. Frans Timmermans will be their Spitzenkandidat, and Sergei Stanishev will be re-elected for a third time as PES president, without competition.
Future EU 05-12-2018

The Brief – Let’s get rid of EU presidencies!

The upcoming Romanian EU presidency is an important one. On Romania’s watch, the UK is supposed to leave the Union on 29 March and European elections will be held in the remaining 27 countries on 23-26 May. To top things...
Global Europe 26-11-2018

The Brief – Where on earth is the Azov Sea?

EU leaders learn geography the hard way. Where is Abkhazia, where is South Ossetia? Who knew until Russia invaded them in 2008?
Global Europe 23-11-2018

The Brief, powered by EFPIA – Marrakesh express

By the late 1960s, Morocco was fast becoming an essential stop-off point on the new hippie trail. This is what inspired Graham Nash for what became Crosby, Still and Nash’s psychedelic pop piece “Marrakesh express”.