Georgi Gotev with Alexandra Brzozowski Archives

  • The Brief, powered by EUSALT – Trump ain’t stupid

    News | Global Europe 14-11-2018

    The Brussels bubble assumes many things, and one of them is that Donald Trump is some sort of a clumsy idiot. This edition of The Brief begs to differ...

  • The Brief, powered by EFPIA – Remembering 1918

    News | Future EU 08-11-2018

    World leaders will gather in Paris on Sunday to mark the 100th anniversary of 11 November Armistice that ended World War One. We may not realise it, but we are possibly still experiencing the aftershocks of 'The Great War'.

  • The Brief ¿ No pasarán ?

    News 29-10-2018

    Brazil, the largest country of Latin America and the fourth largest democracy, elected a racist, misogynous and homophobic Trump-like politician, sparking fears for the future of the Amazon rainforest, the global climate and the mental state of mankind.

  • The Brief – Dual values

    News | Politics 26-10-2018

    European Parliament President Antonio Tajani was far from being politically correct when he said basic income offered up by Italy’s populist government will end up in the pockets “of the Roma, of foreigners”, and that the money would not benefit poor Italian citizens.

  • The Brief – Raising the EU flag over Romania

    News | Politics 22-10-2018

    Romanians still raise the EU flag when they protest against the crackdown on the country's independent judiciary, which has been capable of exposing high-level graft, including the theft of EU funds.

  • Trans-Europe Express – Shiny happy people

    News | Global Europe 19-10-2018

    A sculpture representing shiny happy people holding hands appeared on Schuman roundabout this week while EU leaders held their most useless EU summit in years, in what was a botched attempt to fix issues such as Brexit and migration.

  • The Brief – Too much sabre-rattling

    News 05-10-2018

    Relations between Russia and the West are reaching a frighteningly low point. A recent statement by the US Ambassador to NATO reminded many of the 1961 Cuban missile crisis.

  • The Brief – Three Seas, two leaders

    News | Politics 17-09-2018

    Let’s not beat about the bush. The Three Seas Initiative (TSI) is a Poland-promoted anti-Russian and pro-US project. And it kicks off today.

  • The Brief – Time border for Ireland?

    News | Brexit 14-09-2018

    Ireland is the biggest victim of Brexit. In the absence of an agreement between Brussels and London, a hard border could be imposed between Ireland and Northern Ireland, which sounds as absurd as imposing a frontier across Luxembourg.

  • The Brief, sponsored by the European Parliament – Orbán forever

    News 11-09-2018

    The year is 2030. Viktor Orbán is re-elected in Hungary for the sixth time. All of the leaders from the times when EU institutions were voting to ostracise him are gone. Many are forgotten.

  • The Brief, sponsored by Danfoss – What’s more important than Selmayr?

    News | Politics 04-09-2018

    Next May, EU citizens will directly elect the new European Parliament. Faced with a surge of anti-EU and anti-system sentiments, they need to be reassured that the good old EU is doing things right. But is it doing the right things?

  • The Brief – Changing borders in Europe???

    News | Global Europe 28-08-2018

    It’s amazing that the European Commission envisages land swaps to settle Kosovo-Serbia relations. Neighbourhood Commissioner Johannes Hahn said it’s a bilateral solution which should not serve as a blueprint for other issues. But not everyone is convinced.