Gerardo Fortuna

Agrifood 21-01-2022

Agrifood Brief: Mirror, mirror – or a wall?

How to make trade the fairest of them all? That was the big theme of the French EU presidency, under which agricultural minister Julien Denormandie made his debut as chair of the agriculture and fisheries (AGRIFISH) Council this week. The...
Agrifood 21-01-2022

The mysterious cintura negra, Belarus embargo, animal transport vote

This week, EURACTIV's agrifood team talks about the first AGRIFISH Council under the French Presidency
Agrifood 20-01-2022

Commission still hesitant to step in and relieve distressed pig farmers

It is not time yet for Brussels to intervene directly in one of the worse crises for European pig farmers, as the EU executive is still confident the sector will find a way out on its own.
Health 18-01-2022

Health Brief: The House of (health) democracy

While MEPs are busy in Strasbourg with the mid-term renewal of high-level roles in the European Parliament, parties are asking themselves how to give health more room in parliamentary business.
Agrifood 14-01-2022

Agrifood Brief: Starting off with a (C)BAM

You ought to know this by now: agri-food policy embraces other policies too. Which means it shouldn't be a surprise that even the proposal of a levy for carbon-intensive imports has important repercussions on European farming.
Agrifood 14-01-2022

Wolves, CAP plans, agri-trademarks

Welcome back! For our first podcast of 2022, EURACTIV’s agrifood news team brings you up to speed with where we’re at on the CAP national strategic plans
Health 13-01-2022

Prevention, monitoring favored decrease of legionellosis cases: French agency

Cases of Legionnaires' disease reported to the French health agency Santé Publique France decreased in 2020, confirming a downward trend evident over previous years.
Agrifood 12-01-2022

MEPs concerned by ‘trademark’ approach for new geographical indications rules

European lawmakers expressed concerns over a change of course in the EU's geographical indications (GIs) policy, drifting away from current rules and particularly European Commission supervision.
Health 11-01-2022

Health Brief: EU policy makes its mark

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to get a tattoo but you’ve always had health concerns about it, you might not need to (th)ink again.
Politics 11-01-2022

The Brief – Il Presidente buono

Europe woke up in a state of shock today, mourning the death of David Maria Sassoli, the good president.
Agrifood 06-01-2022

2022: CAP, Farm to Fork and other gifts that keep on giving

After an action packed 2021 full the Common Agricultural Policy reform, there’s still some fun in store for the agrifood sector in 2022, from the adoption of the national strategic plans to the review of the sustainable use of pesticides directive.
Agrifood 23-12-2021

African farmers puzzled over EU’s pesticide residues stance

Although hailed by part of the European civil society, the EU's tight line on import tolerances for pesticide substances can cause a lot of headaches for African food producers, who fear being excluded from the single market and left with no alternatives to protect their crops.
Agrifood 22-12-2021

Green farming ambition is a hot potato ahead of EU-AU summit

The issue of vaccine hoarding and African vaccine production is likely to dominate the long-delayed EU-African Union (AU) summit but both sides want to beef up cooperation on agriculture policy as well.
Health 21-12-2021

Health Brief, powered by European Diabetes Forum: A merry little (COVID-safe) Christmas

Ah, Christmas. A period full of quality time with your loved ones, eating too much, moving too little and resetting, ready for whatever fun the new year will bring. 
Coronavirus 17-12-2021

EU leaders eye Omicron-adapted vaccines to halt COVID spread

Adapted vaccines and increased unity of purpose amongst EU governments are needed to effectively tackle the rapid spread of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, according to the European Commission.
Health 15-12-2021

Dutch consider ‘hybrid’ approach to Legionella monitoring

A new recommendation to the Dutch government suggests a hybrid risk approach on Legionella bacteria monitoring in implementing the new EU's tap water rules at member state levels.
Agrifood 15-12-2021

Parliament postpones CAP proceedings over complaints of being sidelined

The European Parliament has pushed back a key vote on the details of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform to January to allow time for proper scrutiny, going against the Commission's wishes to speed up the procedure.
Health 14-12-2021

Health Brief, powered by PPTA Europe: A not so healthy EU French Presidency

Last week, Emmanuel Macron presented his priorities for the EU French presidency, which kicks off on 1 January 2022. Spoiler alert: health didn’t make the top 3. In fact, it didn’t even make the top 5.
Agrifood 13-12-2021

Pitched ‘bottle’: the prosecco v. prošek controversy

The prosecco v. prošek issue is not just another ordinary controversy over wine branding as it could have a major impact on the EU’s geographical indications (GIs) framework currently under revision.
Agrifood 10-12-2021

Agrifood Brief, powered by European Snacks Association: Green Rush

As more green agriculture products such as sustainable pesticides and non-chemical fertilisers are released on the market, an increasing number of green trademarks have been registered in the EU over the past 25 years.
Agrifood 10-12-2021

A look back, a look forward, & some humble bragging

In the last EURACTIV agrifood podcast of 2021, EURACTIV's agrifood news team takes a trip down memory lane to discuss the biggests moments and themes from 2021.
Health 10-12-2021

Alzheimer’s researchers do not want to get lost in digital translation

Transposing research outcomes into digital products and services is a complex but stimulating process that could move the needle in diagnosing Alzheimer early but also in improving the quality of life of patients.
Health 07-12-2021

Health Brief, powered by European Diabetes Forum: Time to de-liver

When you think of the leading causes of death and disease in the EU, you would likely think of cancer or something affecting the heart or lungs. You might not think of the liver.
Agrifood 03-12-2021

Agrifood Brief, powered by European Snacks Association: Gene-ie in a bottle 

GMOs have been known to rub the German Greens the wrong way. But as the party is entering into a three-way coalition government and pragmatists are gaining ground, its opposition to all things gene-editing is becoming a little less clear-cut.