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Economy & Jobs 01-04-2020

‘We are writing history, not an economics textbook’, Conte tells Germans

In an interview with German TV channel ARD, Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte called on Europe to show "common house" and demonstrate it can respond to the epoch-making challenge of coronavirus.
Agrifood 31-03-2020

The effects of COVID-19 on agriculture in the EU

In this special edition of the agrifood podcast, EURACTIV's agrifood team explores the impact of the recent coronavirus outbreak on EU agriculture and the bloc's main farming subsidies programme, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
Coronavirus 30-03-2020

The Brief – Don’t let Italians feel abandoned

It’s not a good time for anyone being pro-European in Italy these days. In the thick of the COVID-19 crisis, a different one is looming in the country: an increasing sentiment of mistrust in the EU.
Agrifood 27-03-2020

EU farm chief: Post-coronavirus recovery should be green and sustainable

The Green Deal remains a flagship policy of von der Leyen Commission and the EU should aim for a post-COVID-19 recovery that is green and sustainable, Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski told in an exclusive interview.
Economy & Jobs 27-03-2020

Leaders clash over stimulus against pandemic, pass hot potato to Eurogroup

EU leaders on Thursday (26 March) continued to disagree over the economic response to the coronavirus as Northern countries rejected the idea of issuing joint debt, known as "corona bonds", proposed by nine member states to finance the recovery.
Agrifood 26-03-2020

COVID-19 fallout, seasonal workers, CAP contingency plan

Welcome to EURACTIV’s AgriFood Brief, your weekly update on all things Agriculture & Food in the EU. You can subscribe here if you haven’t done so yet. EU agriculture ministers have called for further specific and targeted measures to address...
Agrifood 26-03-2020

EU farm ministers seek targeted measures to withstand COVID-19

EU agriculture ministers have called for further specific and targeted measures to address the difficulties faced by the agri-food sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic such as restrictions in the movement of foodstuff, changes in the operation of production systems and insufficient workforce.
Agrifood 26-03-2020

MEPs join call for ban on live animal transport amid COVID-19 border delays

More than 40 members of the European Parliament have joined a coalition of NGOs calling for a ban on long-distance animal transport during the coronavirus crisis. They argue that the reintroduction of border controls has resulted in delays which risk affecting animal welfare and, by extension, human health.
Agrifood 25-03-2020

MEPs demand CAP contingency plan as part of EU response to COVID-19

Lawmakers in the European Parliament have called on the European Commission to prepare a strategy anticipating the difficulties that might arise in implementing the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Coronavirus 24-03-2020

Hungarian MEP volunteers to fight coronavirus on the frontline

Renew Europe MEP Katalin Cseh, a medical doctor by training, has answered the call for volunteers launched by the Hungarian ministry of human resources facing a serious lack of healthcare workers.
Coronavirus 24-03-2020

First death from coronavirus reported in EU institutions

A 41-year-old external contractor working at the European Parliament died on Sunday (22 March) from respiratory complications after he contracted the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the institution confirmed yesterday (23 March).
Politics 20-03-2020

The Brief – Europe in a coma

We know (now), it’s serious. After having underestimated the threat for a long while, European governments have put the bloc’s economy in an induced coma to halt the dramatic spread of the virus.
Agrifood 19-03-2020

F2F delayed, CAP deadline, COVID-19

Welcome to EURACTIV’s AgriFood Brief, your weekly update on all things Agriculture & Food in the EU. You can subscribe here if you haven’t done so yet. The launch of the new EU food policy, the Farm 2 Fork strategy,...
Agrifood 19-03-2020

Coronavirus puts on hold unveiling of new EU food policy

The launch of the new EU food policy, the Farm 2 Fork strategy (F2F), will be delayed at least by another month in light of a rescheduling of the Commission's work programme due to coronavirus outbreak.
Agrifood 19-03-2020

Transitional CAP puts back bloc’s ‘green’ ambition in farming, warn auditors

Bridging measures are necessary to prevent farmers from being financially exposed until the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is agreed, but they may hold up the Commission’s ambition to make the farming sector more environmentally sustainable, the EU auditors warned in their latest opinion.
Agrifood 19-03-2020

Farmers call for measures to secure food production as COVID-19 crisis bites

EU farmers' organisation COPA-COGECA has called on the  European Commission to ensure the smooth functioning of agricultural production – including cash flow – in view of further restrictions expected to be adopted in the coming weeks to halt the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic.
Coronavirus 18-03-2020

Italian PM floats idea of ‘corona-bonds’ to restart EU economy

Giuseppe Conte, the Italian Prime Minister, urged EU leaders on Tuesday (17 March) to take extraordinary measures and consider issuing joint debt at EU level in order to help Europe's economy recover from the coronavirus crisis.
Health 17-03-2020

MEP: Revised EU framework, new action plan for organ donation needed

The European Commission should consider reshaping the current legislative framework on organ donation and transplantation, according to a leading MEP in the field.   
Agrifood 12-03-2020

Farm to Fork leak, circular economy plan and COVID-19

Welcome to EURACTIV’s AgriFood Brief, your weekly update on all things Agriculture & Food in the EU. You can subscribe here if you haven’t done so yet. The latest draft of the Farm to Fork strategy, obtained by EURACTIV, features...
Agrifood 12-03-2020

EU’s draft food policy to address livestock farming emissions, animal welfare

The latest draft of the Farm to Fork strategy (F2F), obtained by EURACTIV, features a few notable changes from the previous version, including an emphasis on the possible role of animal farming in the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and on options for animal welfare labelling.
Agrifood 12-03-2020

No needless overlap between F2F and circular economy plans, Sinkevicius says

EU environment chief Virginijus Sinkevičius insists there will be no unnecessary overlap between the new circular economy plan and the Farm to Fork strategy (F2F), as new EU food policy will be focused more on the agricultural and food production side.
Agrifood 12-03-2020

MEPs urge exceptional measures to compensate US tariffs on EU foodstuffs

More than 50 EU Parliament lawmakers have co-signed a letter calling on the European Commission to take exceptional measures in support of agri-food sectors targeted by punitive US import tariffs.
Health 09-03-2020

Parliament president under pressure to suspend plenary

Lawmakers from different political groups rose against the decision of European Parliament president David Sassoli to go ahead with the Parliament's plenary this week despite the high health risks concerning a potential novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spread in the EU institutions.
Health 06-03-2020

The Brief, powered by EVA – Closing the stable after the corona-horse has bolted

Closing the European Parliament due to coronavirus is not currently being considered – but given the rising health concerns, this is something that should be put on the table, and sooner rather than later.

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