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Coronavirus 01-12-2021

Omicron variant: Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst, says von der Leyen

Although more research is needed into the COVID-19 Omicron variant, Europe knows "enough to be concerned," according to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.
Health 30-11-2021

Health Brief, powered by European Diabetes Forum: The parallel (pharma) universe

A ruling by the EU's top court last week reopened a portal to the mysterious world of parallel trade in drugs.
Health 23-11-2021

Health Brief: The harsh lesson we learn in Europe

Europe is counting its 22nd month with COVID-19. Despite differences across the bloc with vaccination levels, the EU has one of the highest numbers of people vaccinated across the globe. 
Health 18-11-2021

In vitro diagnostics regulation to be progressively rolled out amid delays

The European Commission has proposed a progressive roll-out of the regulation on in vitro diagnostic medical devices in a bid to fight shortcomings. However, MEPs criticised the lack of notified bodies to assess their conformity and the delays of more than a decade in their application. 
Coronavirus 17-11-2021

New players to enter EU’s COVID vaccines playground

The EU's drugs agency EMA has started evaluating an application for conditional marketing authorisation for US biotech firm Novavax’s COVID-19 vaccine, Nuvaxovid. If granted, this will be the fifth vaccine authorised in the European Union.
Health 16-11-2021

Health Brief: One Health, One Earth

The COVID pandemic has raised more awareness of how closely our health is interconnected with animals and the environment, the chief scientist of EU’s Food Safety Agency (EFSA) told EURACTIV. Last week, we sat down with Marta Hugas, who leads...
Health 12-11-2021

EU Parliament condemns Poland’s restrictive law on abortion

A year after the Polish Constitutional Tribunal’s ruling that de facto banned abortion, the European Parliament called on the government in Warsaw on Thursday (11 November) to lift the ban that puts women’s lives at risk.
Coronavirus 12-11-2021

European Medicines Agency recommends two drugs for treating COVID-19

Two monoclonal antibody medicines for treating COVID-19 have been recommended for authorisation by the European Medicines Agency on Thursday (11 November), sparking new hopes in the fight against the virus.
Health 11-11-2021

MEPs demand active participation in HERA’s governance

The European Parliament plenary voted on Thursday (11 November) for transparency, close cooperation and an in-depth review of HERA operations, aligning the new EU health emergency body with the future regulation on cross-border health threats.
Coronavirus 11-11-2021

MEP: COVID-19 was a harsh lesson but we came out with a common approach

Patient access to the same high standards of care should be at the core of the re-thinking process of health systems after the pandemic, according to Romanian Liberal MEP Nicolae Ștefănuță.
Health 10-11-2021

MEP: Raising awareness on SMA without fighting for inclusion leads to isolation

Social rights and better inclusion in society are the areas where people living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) need more improvements, Greek EU lawmaker Stelios Kympouropoulos told EURACTIV.
Health 09-11-2021

Health Brief: European Parliament’s social health club

A new analysis by VoteWatch Europe and the consultancy BCW Brussels has shown who the hottest European lawmakers in town are when it comes to health policy.
Global Europe 08-11-2021

EU decries ‘misuse’ of migrants by Minsk as hundreds try to cross Polish border

Footage from social media showed hundreds of migrants marching from inside Belarus towards the Polish border on Monday (8 October), prompting the European Commission to decry Minsk's "misuse of people" and call the migration situation on the Belarusian border "matter of urgency". 
Health 04-11-2021

HPV vaccine reduces cervical cancer risk by almost 90%, study confirms

Cervical cancer rates are 87% lower in women vaccinated against human papillomavirus (HPV) when they were between 12-13, a new study published in The Lancet confirmed.
Health 02-11-2021

Health Brief – Extreme makeover: EU health agencies special

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, the face of EU health institutions is rapidly changing. 
Coronavirus 29-10-2021

MEPs vs Commission in court over vaccine contracts

EU lawmakers from the Greens/EFA group have filed a case application to the European Court of Justice stating "implicit refusal" from the Commission to provide access to information in the context of vaccine contracts between the European Commission and vaccine manufacturers.
Coronavirus 28-10-2021

EU’s alternative to IP waiver won’t speed up vaccination in poorer countries: health expert

The EU’s counter-proposal to the request to waive intellectual property (IP) rights on COVID vaccines is meaningless as it deals with patents without any technology transfer, according to a health expert.
Coronavirus 26-10-2021

Did EU COVID certificate save Europeans’ summer?

Digital COVID certificate was originally set up as a tool to save the summer for European holidaymakers. Now that the fine weather is over, we can begin to wonder if it worked.
Health 26-10-2021

Health Brief: East lags behind in vaccination race

Europe is now battling new spikes of COVID-19 cases, especially in Eastern member states where there is a lower vaccination uptake. This not only stretches the health systems, but puts the conversation on measures needed to stop the virus spread...
Health 22-10-2021

Access to SMA standards of care remains an open issue in Europe

For people living with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), access to suitable and effective treatment often depends on which EU country they live in. Stakeholders are now calling for equal access to standards of care across the bloc.
Health 21-10-2021

MEPs unite to protect workers from toxic asbestos in ‘historic’ vote

The European Parliament has voted by a vast majority to adopt a report on protecting workers from asbestos in what has been dubbed a "historic" move.
Health 21-10-2021

New EU’s pharma rules: a game-changer for strategic autonomy on plasma?

Ensuring sufficient plasma collection in Europe remains a thorny issue but the forthcoming revision of the EU framework for pharmaceuticals offers the potential to turn the tide.
Health 19-10-2021

Health Brief: Health design wins the day

The winner of the DesignEuropa awards has come from the healthcare sector for the second edition in a row, highlighting the increasing importance of a user-friendly approach in developing medical devices. The portable and compact patient monitor IntelliVueX3, developed by...
Coronavirus 15-10-2021

EU response to the pandemic reveals need to do more on health

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the lack of medical stockpiles across the EU and the vulnerability of EU supply chains for critical medical countermeasures, reinforcing the message that political leadership remains at the core of creating resilient healthcare to fight future health crises.