Gustav Gressel

Europe's East 28-03-2022

Deliver arms before the second wave comes down on Ukraine

To stop Russian imperialism and expansionism in Ukraine (which is in our best self-interest), the West must continue to deliver arms to Ukraine before it is too late. Only if Ukraine can blunt the sword of Russia’s second strike, may Vladimir Putin accept the fact that he can’t achieve his aims in Ukraine militarily, writes Gustav Gressel.
Eastern Europe 11-05-2020

EU’s Strategic Sovereignty start in Eastern Europe

While European societies take stock on the impact the COVID-19 pandemic on the EU, it has been increasingly common to hear that the pandemic proved the need for the EU to be more strategically sovereign. No doubt about that. But the real test for EU power and its strategic sovereignty won’t be in masks, but on how the EU deals with external problems, not least in its neighbourhood, write Nicu Popescu and Gustav Gressel.