Harlem Désir

Europe's East 23-03-2022

Europe’s solidarity with Ukrainian refugees must transform our asylum policy

The extraordinary demonstration of European solidarity with Ukrainian refugees has laid the ground for an unprecedented chance to overhaul longstanding gaps in Europe’s ability to respond to refugee arrivals, argues Harlem Désir.
Development Policy 02-12-2021

The EU must uphold its responsibilities to the world’s ‘forgotten crises’

In recent months, the world has watched in real-time as Afghanistan spiralled deeper into humanitarian catastrophe. Now it is teetering on the edge of full economic collapse, writes Harlem Désir,
Freedom of thought 10-04-2019

Yet another awful pinnacle in the recent history of journalism

Violent attacks against journalists do not happen in a vacuum, their ground is prepared by the prevailing political and social environment. Harlem Désir explains how we have reached yet another milestone in the mistreatment of journalists.