Iverna McGowan

The European Commission will introduce fines and sanctions for platforms that repeatedly violate new obligations on managing illegal content online as part of the forthcoming Digital Services Act, an EU executive official close to the matter has informed EURACTIV.

The Digital Services Act could make or break European democracy

The upcoming EU digital services act marks a key moment for democracy across the bloc, writes Iverna McGowan.
Future EU 20-06-2018

Asylum reform: ‘Europe United’ must unite refugee families

On World Refugee Day (20 June), it is important to touch upon the sensitive issue of uniting families at a time when separation is happening on the US border. However, separation is also a consequence of the Dublin regulation, which must be reformed, writes Iverna Mc Gowan.
Global Europe 01-04-2015

Principles in the firing line? The EU and the death penalty

Inserting counter-terrorism into European Union foreign policy could undermine the EU's stance against the death penalty, warns Iverna McGowan.