Jack Parrock

Politics 13-05-2022

Tweets of the Week: Interpretive CoFoE, Finlandisation and Eurovision

Interpretive dance in Parliament is just pure cringe, when it comes to NATO, Finland is no longer on the fringe, and Ukraine in Eurovision delivers an emotional twinge.
Politics 14-01-2022

Tweets of the week: Goodbye Sassoli, Boris Parties and Russian Problem

This week it’s a sad farewell to the president, Boris Johnson’s lies become evident, And NATO and Russia are unable relent.
Politics 28-05-2021

Tweets of the Week: Ryanair grounding, Shell lawsuit, CAP reform

Ryanair flight forced down, CAP reform’s final round,  Shell legally bound
Politics 23-04-2021

Tweets of the Week: Super League, Climate Law, Merkel Succession

Football’s all about money, wow, big shock, EU has a climate law, please don’t mock, and might German Greens stand a chance with Frau Baerbock?
Brexit 08-12-2017

Tweets of the Week: Brexit, Tillerson, Centeno, and Catalonia

This week it’s Brexit deal scuppered by the coalition, Tillerson in Brussels on a mission, new Eurogroup president in position, and Catalonia wants recognition.