James Crisp

Energy 22-06-2017

Think tank: Lack of EU heating and cooling laws a ‘real failure’

The lack of hard EU legislation for the decarbonisation of Europe’s heating and cooling systems is a failure that puts the bloc’s climate goals at risk, Maarten De Groote, the head of research at the Buildings Performance Institute Europe, has warned.

Under Pressure: Climate change and the future of the oil and gas industry

The Norwegian oil and gas giant Statoil presented its latest Energy Perspectives report earlier this month, drawing up three possible scenarios for global energy-related emissions up to 2050.
Energy 21-06-2017

EU will fail Paris climate challenge unless it tackles heating and cooling

The European Union’s fight against global warming is doomed to fail unless decisive action is taken to change the way we heat and cool our buildings.

The Brief: May’s shaky bid to be Supremes leader

Theresa May’s election campaign, which ends today, is a lot like Diana Ross’ performance at the opening ceremony of the 1994 World Cup.

The Brief: Corbyn confounding expectations

Theresa May will win the British election but, unlike her, Jeremy Corbyn could emerge from the campaign with his reputation enhanced and his grip on the Labour party strengthened.
Oil and Industry 31-05-2017

The Brief: EU and China will take revenge on Trump for ditching climate deal

The European Union and China will this Friday exact their revenge on US President Donald Trump after he decided to pull out of the Paris Agreement on climate change.
Health 31-05-2017

Campaigners push to hitch tobacco control onto sustainable development agenda

Anti-tobacco campaigners from across Europe today (31 May) called on their national governments to use the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals to drive forward tobacco control legislation.
Oil and Industry 30-05-2017

The Brief: Eurovision Medicines Agency

Eurovision. The inspiration for some outrageous haircuts, insane fashion statements and, perhaps, the final destination of the European Medicines Agency.

The Brief: US climate negotiators turn on Trump

Donald Trump isn’t only keeping G7 leaders guessing over whether he will pull the US out of the Paris Agreement on climate change. In the 128 days since he took power, no one from his administration has said a single word to US climate negotiators.
Energy 10-05-2017

Energy efficiency entrepreneur: EU targets should be higher

Ambitious European Union targets to boost energy efficiency can unlock much-needed private investment, Peter Sweatman told EURACTIV.com. But the current targets are not high enough, said the rapporteur on the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EFFIG).
Energy 08-05-2017

Trillions of euros of energy efficiency investment up for grabs

European Union policymakers have made energy efficiency, particularly in buildings, central to their plans to create an Energy Union. But they must convince private investors to unlock trillions of euros of capital.
Brexit 24-04-2017

Brexit talks place citizens’ rights in limbo

Brexit negotiators will face “extraordinarily complex” talks over the rights of EU citizens in the UK and British expats in Europe, according to sources in Brussels.

The Brief: May takes back control with Brexit election

Theresa May can take full control of the UK’s Brexit negotiations and stamp out the feeble opposition facing her in Westminster after today announcing a snap election.

The Brief: Burka bans are more racist than Brexit

Brussels bigwigs have been quick to point the finger of blame at Brits being racist and at anyone other than themselves, ever since the Brexit vote. But banning Islamic clothes is more racist than voting to leave the EU.
Ukraine 11-04-2017

The Brief: Orbán is the poor man’s Putin

Viktor Orbán has often been described as the enfant terrible of centre-right European politics.
Oil and Industry 10-04-2017

The Brief: Beanz Meanz Brexit

Beanz Meanz Heinz is one of the most iconic advertising campaigns of all time. It is a much superior motto than Brexit Means Brexit, which is fundamentally meaningless.

The Brief: Roam, sweet roam

MEPs today backed a deal that means people will soon be able to call, text, and surf abroad in the EU for the same cost as they do at home.
Oil and Industry 05-04-2017

The Brief: An offer EU cannot refuse?

Jean-Claude Juncker stood up in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and made a startling admission.

The Brief: The green light for Dieselgate 2?

Plans to create a central pan-European Union agency to stop another Dieselgate scandal reached the end of the road today in Strasbourg.
Oil and Industry 03-04-2017

The Brief: Peace in our time?

An unlikely peace broke out in Brussels today. The scent of cordite and gunsmoke cleared. The snarling dogs of war were slipped back on their leashes.

The Brief: Between ‘The Rock’ and a hard place

Spain and the rest of the EU-27 have stuck Brexit Britain between “The Rock” and a hard place.

The Brief: Tusk gores Brexiteers

Donald Tusk has been on good form since he overcame opposition from his own government to be reappointed as president of the European Council.
Brexit 30-03-2017

Quarter of a million British pets face ‘jail’ in Europe if Brexit talks fail

A quarter of a million British cats and dogs face being locked up and quarantined in Europe if the Brexit negotiations between the UK and EU end in failure.
Future EU 30-03-2017

If you back Brexit, I’ll call for Texit, Juncker tells Trump

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker today (30 March) warned US President Donald Trump that he would call for independence for Ohio and Texas, if the flamboyant millionaire kept backing Brexit.