Jan Vitásek

Agrifood 10-03-2016

Czech farmers take the slow lane to renewable energies

Est. 5min

Turning to eco-friendly farming practices under the EU’s new Rural Development Programme may be challenging for the Czech Republic, where renewable energies have a bad reputation. EURACTIV.cz reports.

Fiber network server
Central Europe 07-10-2015

Czech broadband money caught in political intrigue

Est. 6min

Nearly two years after the adoption of the new long-term EU budget (2014-2020), the Czech government is still struggling to fulfill conditions that would open the door to half a billion euros of EU cohesion money available to support high-speed internet. EURACTIV.cz reports.

Euro & Finance 17-07-2015

Czech bankers fear EU bail-in rules’ impact

Est. 7min

New EU rules that will force losses on big depositors and bondholders over the heads of national regulators could detstabilize banks in some countries and pose a systemic risk at the European level, Czech bankers have warned. EURACTIV Czech Republic reports.