János Ammann

Economy & Jobs 20-05-2022

Former economy minister: Ukraine needs grants, not loans

In an interview with EURACTIV, the former Ukrainian economy minister and current advisor to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Tymofiy Mylovanov welcomed EU help but called for the use of grants instead of loans since an over-indebted Ukraine would scare off private investors and make reconstruction more difficult.
Economy & Jobs 19-05-2022

Four-day work week: How competitive is mental health?

The Brussels economic policy crowd seems to be positively inclined towards the idea of a four day work week if a recent debate at the Brussels Economic Forum is anything to go by.
Economy & Jobs 19-05-2022

EU Commission proposes Ukraine reconstruction platform

Along with a €9 billion increase in short-term budgetary aid to the Ukrainian government, the European Commission proposed on Wednesday (18 May) setting up a reconstruction platform for Ukraine to help with the massive financing needs of rebuilding the country.
Economy & Jobs 18-05-2022

Access to justice key in corporate sustainability due diligence directive, stakeholders say

Giving those harmed by multinational companies a way to seek recourse, reparation, and justice is one of the goals of the corporate sustainability due diligence directive, but in practice, it may be easier said than done.
Economy & Jobs 17-05-2022

Social Taxonomy risks death by Commission neglect

While the debate regarding the environmental taxonomy is raging between EU member state governments, the project of establishing a social taxonomy is put on the backburner by the EU Commission, according to multiple sources.
Economy & Jobs 13-05-2022

EU Commission proposes tax cut to incentivise equity investments

As most corporate tax systems in the EU currently prefer debt financing over equity and EU companies are highly indebted, the EU Commission proposed the introduction of a tax allowance that should incentivise the accrual of new equity rather than debt.
Economy & Jobs 13-05-2022

Commissioner Schmit: You cannot make money on social services

Social economy should not be thought of as an alternative to public services, according to the European Commissioner for jobs and social rights, who nevertheless argued there was a need for a "third way" between the private, profit-oriented economy and publicly provided services that can be served by social economy.
Economy & Jobs 12-05-2022

The cost of market concentration

Technological progress and lax anti-trust enforcement have led to high market concentration, which in turn led to ballooning profits of some big corporations, to the detriment of economic development, economics professor Jan Eeckhout told EURACTIV in an interview.
Economy & Jobs 11-05-2022

State of play in social economy finance in the EU

Trying to push the social economy as a flourishing sector of the economy, the EU is using a variety of ways to overcome the tension at the heart of the social economy: How do you attract money to a sector that defines itself as not being about the money?
Economy & Jobs 05-05-2022

The EU works – when it ignores its rules

Given the circumstances, the European Union's economy is doing reasonably well. However, this success currently relies on the EU circumventing its own rules, putting into question how sensible they are in the first place.
Economy & Jobs 05-05-2022

EU starts negotiations on distortive foreign subsidies regulation

The European Parliament and EU governments on Wednesday (4 May) each agreed their negotiating position on a proposal aimed at levelling the playing field for European companies facing competition from foreign companies that receive financial support in their home countries.
Europe's East 04-05-2022

Commission pitches post-war recovery plan for Ukraine

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Wednesday (4 May) made a pitch for a post-war recovery package for Ukraine to help it rebuild after the war Russia is waging on its neighbour ends.
Economy & Jobs 04-05-2022

Eurogroup president launches new push to complete banking union

On Tuesday (3 May), euro area finance ministers met virtually via videocall to discuss new measures to integrate the European banking system, that were proposed by the Irish finance minister and Eurogroup president Paschal Donohoe.
Economy & Jobs 03-05-2022

Four countries enter race to nominate new EU bailout fund chief

As the term of the current managing director of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) Klaus Regling draws to a close in October 2022, four men have been proposed by their government to succeed him.
Economy & Jobs 29-04-2022

Obstacles on the way to green capital markets

Recent studies suggest that much needs to be done in the EU if private capital markets are to play a role in financing the green transition.
Economy & Jobs 28-04-2022

The EU moves cautiously to fill the skills gap

On Wednesday (27 April), the EU Commission presented its proposals for a legal migration package that should make it easier for EU companies to find workers from third countries and should protect migrants from abusive labour practices.
Economy & Jobs 27-04-2022

EU Commission wants to scrap import tariffs for Ukraine

The European Commission proposed on Wednesday (27 April) scrapping for one year all EU tariffs and quotas on products imported from Ukraine, in a bid to support the Ukrainian economy that is suffering heavy losses due to the ongoing Russian invasion.
Economy & Jobs 26-04-2022

ECB board member slams crypto finance as dangerous ‘house of cards’

In a speech in New York, a member of the European Central Bank's executive board criticised crypto finance for its lack of transparency and the risks it poses to financial stability, describing crypto-assets as "speculative assets that can cause major damage to society" and calling for a faster and more stringent regulation.
Economy & Jobs 21-04-2022

Funding Ukraine’s reconstruction

While Russia's invasion of Ukraine rages on, a group of renowned economists have devised a plan to reconstruct Ukraine after peace returns. The amount of money and planning needed is daunting, but maybe the EU can learn something from this as well
Economy & Jobs 20-04-2022

EU starts consultation for Single Market Emergency Instrument

The EU Commission opened a month-long consultation period for stakeholders and citizens to voice their opinions on a new tool that aims at securing the functioning of the single market in times of crisis.
Economy & Jobs 20-04-2022

How Russia can avert sovereign default and why it might not care

The Russian government has enough funds to prevent a default on its sovereign debt. However, it is unclear whether Moscow has much interest in preventing a default and creditors may have a hard time getting at Russian assets to compensate for their loss.
Economy & Jobs 14-04-2022

ECB confirms plans to roll back stimulus, end bond buys in Q3

The European Central Bank kept policy unchanged on Thursday (14 April), signalling a steady reduction of stimulus over the coming months as inflation remains uncomfortably high.
Economy & Jobs 14-04-2022

The looming public debt crisis

Already strained due to the COVID pandemic, public finances in many countries of the Global South might not be able to cope with the consequences of the war in Ukraine, leading to the possibility of sovereign defaults.
Europe's East 13-04-2022

Despite sanctions, Russian economy posts record current account surplus in Q1

High energy prices and continued purchase of Russian gas and oil in the first quarter of 2022 allowed Russia to post the highest current account surplus in recent history, indicating that EU sanctions against the country have only limited effect.