Jean-Marc Jossart

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The first EU wide sustainability criteria for forest biomass must reach the market

In June 2018, the European Commission, Parliament and Council reached a deal cementing Europe’s position as a world leader in the fight against climate change for the next decade, write Jean-Marc Jossart and Seth Ginther.
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Energy 11-01-2018

Smoke and mirrors prior to MEPs’ vote on REDII

One week before the European Parliament’s vote on the new Renewable Energy Directive (REDII), the debate on solid bioenergy’s role and future contribution to meeting the EU’s renewable energy targets has been (once again) taken hostage by radical statements from a select few NGOs, writes Jean-Marc Jossart.
BioEnergy Science Center

Realistic regulations needed for bioenergy to be a long-term solution to emissions reduction

The European Commission and the Parliament must stay realistic when it comes to limiting emissions from medium combustion plants (MCP), if the long-term objective is to develop a sustainable and low-emission energy production, writes Jean-Marc Jossart.