Jeremy Fleming

Technology 11-05-2015

Ansip: ‘Cybersecurity public-private partnership to launch early next year’

Andrus Ansip, the European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Single Market, following his launch of the Digital Single Market plan last week, says that the Commission’s proposed public private partnership on cyber security will be launched early next year. In the meantime, he remains confident that the data protection regulation can be agreed on before the end of the year.

EIT chief: ‘We will be able to satisfy Parliament’

SPECIAL REPORT / The head of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) said that concerns in Parliament about the management of funds is a historic issue. He is confident that the Budapest-based institution will be able to overcome the concerns of MEPs.
Euro & Finance 24-04-2015

Insurance tsar: Deliver on pensions to instill confidence in single market

SPECIAL REPORT / A pan-European pension markets product would help spur more cross-border economic activity and instill confidence in the single market amongst consumers, says Gabriel Bernardino.
Euro & Finance 14-04-2015

Thompson: Keep an eye on risky derivatives trades

Since the financial crisis, 25 repositories have begun listing so-called over-the-counter derivatives trades, securities transactions which are not carried out on stock exchanges. But the number of such warehouses is beginning to work against transparency and effective risk avoidance, according to Larry Thompson.
Technology 16-01-2015

Ansip: ‘Digital Single Market strategy will be ready in May’

SPECIAL REPORT: Andrus Ansip, the European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Single Market, says he will launch a new digital strategy this Spring, including milestones and methods for monitoring progress effectively in the member states.
Trade & Society 11-12-2014

Economist: ‘ISDS disconnect between rhetoric and reality’

SPECIAL REPORT: The integrity of EU trade policy, and the European Commission's capacity to negotiate, are on the line in the current ISDS debate, according to a proponent, economist Fredrik Erixon.
Peter Mandelson
Brexit 03-12-2014

Mandelson: Germany needs to look out for its neighbourhood

Germany’s high-value European property could lose its value if the country fails to watch out for its neighbourhood, the former EU Trade Commissioner tells EURACTIV in a wide-ranging interview.
EU Priorities 2020 02-12-2014

Regions chief: ‘Use local nous to mobilise investment fund’

SPECIAL REPORT: Committee of the Regions' President Michel Lebrun welcomes the EU's new investment fund plan, but calls on the expertise of local regions to be deployed to maximise its impact.
Paddy Ashdown
Brexit 02-12-2014

Ashdown on UK referendum: ‘I’m confident we can win it for ‘yes’’

The UK politician and former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown tells EURACTIV that a UK referendum on EU membership can be won, so long as the question is framed in ‘yes/no’ terms.
El?bieta Bie?kowska

Bie?kowska: ‘Our policies have to be overhauled’

SPECIAL REPORT: The Polish Commissioner responsible for industry is set to launch new proposals for an industrial strategy early next year. She tells EURACTIV that the new approach must be concrete and that the overriding aim must be to promote the competitiveness of European industry.
Jeremy Rifkin
Technology 26-11-2014

Jeremy Rifkin: Digital revolution could bind China to Europe

SPECIAL REPORT: Europe needs to capitalise on the Internet of Things to pave the way to the zero-marginal cost industrial economy of the future, according to US economist Jeremy Rifkin, who says China is willing to join it on the journey. ?