Jeremy Fleming

Technology 28-05-2015

EU tech standards team returns from discreet China trip

EXCLUSIVE / A delegation of senior European standards officials spent six days in China last month to explore scope for mutual work on 5G standards amongst other technology-related issues, EURACTIV has learned.
Waterskiing sailor
Brexit 12-05-2015

Greg Hands given key role as Cameron mulls early EU referendum

David Cameron could bring the UK referendum forward to next year following his surprise victory in last week’s (7 May) UK election, and has appointed a new minister to play a key role in negotiations.

Europe looks to laser-technology to blaze innovation

SPECIAL REPORT / Cutting edge laser technologies were amongst the prize winners and nominees as the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) crowned Europe’s best innovators at a glitzy awards ceremony in Budapest last week (6 May).

EIT woos Juncker Plan money to make up for lost EU budget

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is seeking to recoup funding lost to the Juncker investment plan from other funding sources. One idea being explored is to get money back from... the Juncker Plan.
Technology 06-05-2015

European tech innovators face becoming rivals’ meal

SPECIAL REPORT / Problems with investment funding, stigmatising business failures and regulatory red tape are threatening Europe’s technical innovating industries, delegates at the InnovEIT Forum heard yesterday (5 May).
José Manuel Barroso at the EIT

EU innovation institute hosts crucial meeting amidst funding questions

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT)’s annual forum will seek this week to address concerns over the body’s management of its flagship Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICS).
Technology 30-04-2015

Europe’s south, east, lagging on digital connectivity

The Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal and Spain are flagging in the digital economy compared with their northern European counterparts, according to an index of global connectivity conducted by Chinese-headquartered tech company Huawei.
Euro & Finance 27-04-2015

Commission to put financial services, insurance under spotlight

SPECIAL REPORT / The EU executive is set to launch a broad consultation on the state of the internal market for financial services to gauge how fragmented it is and what can be done to encourage more cross-border activity in the insurance sector.
Trade & Society 23-04-2015

Insurers lead moves to include financial services in TTIP

SPECIAL REPORT / Insurers from the US and EU are amongst leading backers of a financial services chapter within the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP), although the US remains opposed officially.
Technology 22-04-2015

European insurers’ global reach challenged by cyber threat

SPECIAL REPORT / Europe plays a leading role in the global insurance business. But maintaining this position will depend on its ability to respond to emerging threats in the digital economy, analysts warn.
Euro & Finance 21-04-2015

Consumers lukewarm on cross-border finance, insurance

SPECIAL REPORT / A key problem facing policymakers and industry analysts looking to the provision of cross-border services in finance is the level of consumer demand.
Euro & Finance 20-04-2015

EU insurance sector strong but still fragmented

SPECIAL REPORT / With trillions of assets under management, the insurance sector remains a mainstay of the European financial industry. But insurance services are less frequently offered across borders, adding unnecessary costs to consumers, critics say.
Technology 17-04-2015

US transfer of internet control stalled

Attempts to divest control of the Internet from the US government to a stakeholder group by September might not happen, according to a senior US policymaker, in an early acknowledgment that the issue is likely to be delayed.
Euro & Finance 14-04-2015

Regulators warn over-the-counter derivatives are out of control

EU and US industry and regulatory figures have warned that the number and nature of repositories listing over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives trades is threatening to blind regulators to market risk.
Technology 01-04-2015

Cyber security directive held up in face of ‘Wild West’ Internet

Disagreements between member states are holding up proposals for pan-European cyber security rules, whilst experts warn that the threat from an anarchic Internet is increasing.
Technology 26-03-2015

Brussels tackles territorial copyright in digital strategy

The European Commission is preparing to unlock territorial copyright protection for TV, film and music, as part of its Digital Single Market (DSM) blueprint, unveiled on Wednesday (25 March). But it will also include key exemptions for the audiovisual sector, officials told EURACTIV.
Trade & Society 25-03-2015

Commission to reframe ‘geopolitical’ trade strategy

A new EU trade strategy will be launched later this year responding to the growing number of global trade deals under discussion, and their increasingly high profile and political nature, Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström said on Monday (23 March).
Trade & Society 20-03-2015

Brussels makes overture on ‘data flow’ agreement in TTIP

Negotiations on the free flow of data could be considered as part the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), but only after an agreement is reached on the EU’s data protection regulation, EU officials said yesterday (19 March).
Euro & Finance 10-03-2015

Parliament agrees to card caps

EU lawmakers agreed to impose caps on card payments in Europe following a vote in Parliament on Tuesday (10 March), applying to cross-border and domestic card-based payments.
Trade & Society 10-03-2015

Beijing calls for new ‘Silk Road’ between China and Europe

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called to boost European trade links on Sunday (8 March), as the European Commission mulls Beijing's market economy status within the World Trade Organisation (WTO).
Underwater Television
Technology 06-03-2015

Next wave of innovation waits on 5G connectivity

SPECIAL REPORT / Disruptive innovations were thin on the ground at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress. But an air of expectation is gathering around 5G technology, which promises to deliver the kind of pervasive connectivity required for the 'Internet of Things'.
Technology 05-03-2015

US election could trigger battle over Internet governance

SPECIAL REPORT / Officials attempting to reach a deal over the reform of Internet governance have told EURACTIV that delays and the “weaponisation” of the issue in the current US political climate are threatening to ignite an international dispute.
Technology 04-03-2015

Commission talks up 5G as member states wilt on telecoms

SPECIAL REPORT / The European Commission is seeking a leadership role in developing new generation telecom networks using 5G technology. But its efforts were thwarted as EU national ministers met in Brussels Tuesday (3 March) to dilute telecoms reforms vital to the idea.
Technology 03-03-2015

Commissioners call for EU unity on roaming, spectrum

SPECIAL REPORT / European Commissioners responsible for digital affairs are jointly appealing to member states to stop resisting efforts to end surcharges for mobile roaming and spectrum harmonisation.