Jeremy Wates

Dangerous pipedream: how funding fossil gas risks blowing apart the EU Green Deal

MEPs should uphold the Green Deal and vote against subsidising gas in the upcoming Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs vote, writes Jeremy Wates and Magda Stoczkiewicz.
Development Policy 11-06-2019

Open letter to EU leaders: Our sustainable future must start now

EU leaders must end the political inertia on social and environmental challenges by making sustainable development the EU’s top priority for the next five years, say Europe’s leading coalitions of social, environmental and development networks who have joined forces with 150 organisations.
Climate change 13-01-2016

We need to green Juncker’s 10 priorities

The Commission’s narrow and outdated jobs and growth agenda will not allow global warming to be contained. More needs to be done if it is to meet the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, writes Jeremy Wates.
Climate change 26-11-2014

Why President Juncker got it wrong on the environment

The Juncker Commission appears to be less interested in a Europe that responds to citizens’ needs or achieving a transition to a sustainable economic model, and more interested in pandering to short-term business interests, writes Jeremy Wates, but gives the President the chance to prove himself.