Jorge Valero and Alexandra Brzozowski


The Brief, sponsored by the European Parliament – Juncker looks abroad to forget about problems at home

As US presidents tend to do at the end of their mandates, Jean-Claude Juncker will look abroad in his final months as European Commission President. As is the case with the commanders-in-chief on the other side of the Atlantic, the reason lies in the problems he faces at home.
Global Europe 07-05-2018

The Brief: Solidarity on trial in Lesvos

Greece has suffered more than any other EU country during the turbulent last decade. While the Greek government’s mishandling was partly to blame for the eurozone’s turmoil, the country was rather the victim of the member states’ inaction during the refugee crisis.

The Brief – Follow the money… back to the values

Money disputes are always the bitterest ones in families. The European clan is no different. But the battle that is looming in the union will be like nothing seen before.

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