Jorge Valero with Sam Morgan

Economy & Jobs 04-10-2019

The Brief, powered by ACCA – How best to deal with the Joker?

Donald Trump’s looming tariffs on European products will be the most serious and irrational attack against its main trade partner. Europe is still clueless about how to deal with a man whose impulsive behaviour is bringing down the international system.
Economy & Jobs 21-01-2019

The Brief – Why Davos?

The World Economic Forum starts today but as fears of a new recession grow and political tensions arise, the question for many is: does the exclusive meeting serve any actual purpose?
Politics 29-11-2018

The Brief – Bringing back unity and solidarity to the EU

The political mandate that will follow next May’s European elections should be an opportunity to continue opening up the political space for citizens’ engagement, so that democracy is not limited to voting and politics can spread well beyond the parties’...
Politics 24-10-2018

The Brief – Lock in the leaders!

Problems inside and outside Europe’s gates keep piling up, while our decision-makers continue to sleepwalk toward the cliff edge. Since our leaders don’t deliver on Brexit, migration or improving the monetary union, is it time to lock them in their meeting rooms until they find a solution?
Politics 29-08-2018

The Brief – Trust and hope

The EU machinery is slowly returning to activity this week after the summer pause. Juncker’s last State of the Union address to this Parliament in two weeks will guide the final period of his Commission. But above all he will polish his record and offer his farewell vision about the future of Europe.
EU-China 04-04-2018

The Brief, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Fixing globalisation’s Chinese sin

Global trade is in peril like never before. Over the past weeks, the world has entered a full-fledged trade war involving the largest economies (the US, China and the EU) on more than one front.
Economy & Jobs 12-03-2018

The Brief – The bully in the glass house

Donald Trump comes first among hooligans on the global stage. Not that he’s interested in tearing up your local bar, at least for now. Instead, the US president is determined to crack the global system by throwing stones in the form of tweets and executive orders.