Jos Dings

Trade & Society 03-03-2016

Boris, Brexit and better trucks

London Mayor Boris Johnson wants the UK to take back control of truck design to improve road safety, but the UK will gain nothing by leaving the EU, writes Jos Dings.
Climate change 04-11-2015

‘Better Regulation’ and the end of cheating?

In the midst of the ongoing Dieselgate scandal, Nina Renshaw and Jos Dings write that regulators need to be given back real authority and responsibility, and that the Commission has shown significant shortcomings.

New Council voting means Germany is Europe’s reluctant paymaster

1 November was the new European Commission’s first day. Thousands of newspaper pages have been filled across Europe with the shenanigans and politics surrounding the nomination process. This blog will not seek to add an additional one. Instead, it will address another key change in the EU’s makeup that I have not seen a single newspaper article about recently, but one which is arguably more important for European politics.
Trade & Society 06-09-2013

Why doesn’t the ethanol lobby join the fight for cleaner fuels?

The bioethanol industry should stop defending wasteful public subsidies and join forces with NGOs to fight for the full carbon accounting which it says would vindicate its environmental record, argues Jos Dings.